1. We had a RO system when we first moved in, it was one just with the tap on the sink. When we remodeled our kitchen we removed that (I was sick of all the handles and faucets around the sink area) and put in a soft water system in. Its been great, no problem with the ice and my skin and hair feel great! ~Rosanne

  2. We got an RO system from costco for about $200. It was wonderful. We don’t live there anymore and I miss my clean tasting ice! Super easy to set up, you can order replacement filters from amazon, and water and ice tastes so wonderful! It was a Watt’s Premier RO.

  3. I’m in Tucson and have water “softening”, which works pretty well for the water situation, BUT it’s pretty much salting the earth all to he** and I don’t think that’s such a great idea. We’ve been thinking RO systems as well, but I don’t really know how they work?? I sure as heck wouldn’t want to have a brand new, beautiful frig and have to go buy ice… It’ll be interesting to see what you decide and how it works!

  4. I live in Peoria, AZ and we have RO for drinking and hooked up to the fridge for cold water and ice. It works great and the fridge filter is just another backup to it. I still have hard water stains all over the drinking and ice area after 2 years and can’t get it removed. I’m learning this is to be expected with AZ water! Totally agree on the hard water!

  5. Some appliance manufactures will not warranty a fridge that is connected to RO water. Because of the inconsistancy of the flow. Usually, RO is for Drinking water at sink and Soft water is for whole house.
    Be aware that most RO systems waste a lot of water during the processing sometimes up to 10 gallons to the one that you get to use.
    Good luck in your decision. I would ask a lot of questions to different professionals there are also inline filters available.

    • We have an RO system in our garage…that we put a pitcher under and run every few days, then store the pitcher in our fridge. I buy a bag of ice every couple weeks (we don’t go through a lot) and dump it in the ice maker. We were told that there was a water pressure issue with having it hooked to the fridge, but are currently looking into mounting it in the cabinet above the fridge to assist in the pressure. When we redo the kitchen, if that doesn’t work, we will put in the under-sink unit with storage tank. If you pay for your water, you won’t like the bill for the RO, because there is so much waste.

  6. I have a reverse osmosis system for my home after realizing all of the contaminants and impurities in my water, and would never go without one ever again. The water tastes so good, and there is no better feeling that knowing your water is free from all harmful chemicals. However, I went with a company called Aquasafe Systems which comes with a de-ionization stage that makes the water alkaline, as most reverse osmosis systems provide sightly acidic water. I also purchased some extra hose to install into my refrigerator to ensure my ice is as pure as my water, and although it seemed a little confusing to hook up, the support staff from the company basically walked me through it. I have now had my system for a little over 2 years and recommend this system to everyone I know. The company website is and the system I purchased was the Maximus II System and would suggest looking at this system as it was only $182 for a six stage system.

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