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If you are coming over here today from Apartment Therapy, welcome! We really hope you enjoyed seeing some details of our little mans nursery. If you want to check out his original nursery, you can go here. For a full detailed post on his current one, check it out here. A little back story, we finally got finished with his first nursery, put all the final details in, and then we moved weeks later. Whoops! We loved it so much though, that we semi-recreated it in our new home. 

We are loving our new home and all the current and potential projects that come with it! We already re-did the kitchen, flooring, and are currently working on trimming out the whole house and adding built-ins. We have a slight obsession with wainscoting, crown, and large baseboards. We just recently shared a great tutorial on how to take regular old doors and trim them out to be something grand! To see just how much we are needing to change, check out these incredible scary before photos!

If you like some of the projects you see, come back! Every Monday I round up some incredible Design Inspiration photos to start the week off right, and the rest of the time its mixed with tutorials, real life, and everything in between. 

Happy Friday friends. I hope everyone has a great relaxing weekend. I know I personally am having a mild panic attack that it is going to be only 90 degrees this weekend. I guess that means we will be outside all.dang.day. 90 beats 115 ANY DAY! 

PS- We have an awesome giveaway still going on two win one {or two if you are really lucky} pendant lights from Junk Yard Lighting. Go see if you can get lucky!
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    I was reading some older posts and I had to comment about your homemade toothpaste ingredients.I am a dental hygienist and I’m concerned about the baking soda. It’s very abrasive and can add to recession and abrasion. I strongly recommend the Oral B electric brush. There is one with a monitor that flashes a red light if you are brushing too hard. You just let the brush do the work and don’t apply pressure. It will make your teeth feel awesome. It also let’s you know you’ve gone 2 minutes, which is the proper time. I don’t know what to tell you about toothpaste, except tartar control, whitening, etc. are not good. Another tip is to go to the chewing surfaces first, then the insides, and the outsides last. We are wired to go to the outsides first, so they get more wear and tear. You probably always go to the same area first, thus more damage.(the toothpaste is acting as an abrasive, so this adds to it.) That’s why changing patterns is beneficial. Hope this helps! Btw, I enjoy your blog.

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      Thanks so much for the tips. When I really began to think about it, I totally start in the same spot, AND its always the front of my teeth. Ill be way more aware of this now. I also do use an electric toothbrush, couldnt live without it!

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