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I am so excited friends, we are finally getting some things decorated in this house. Not just construction, actual decor on the walls! One bad thing with this move was losing things. I have no idea how its possible, because I didn’t feel like we lost boxes, but I can’t find our box with a ton of our small decor items.  Thankfully we discovered this amazing Antique Plaza in Mesa and got a ton of small pieces there.

This place is massive. There is stuff upstairs, downstairs, and next door. Now you all know me and my obsession with jars, and I was not disappointed here:)

Bray was a trooper because we spent almost two hours here browsing around. Every time I turned a corner I found something else that we just had to have.

Here are some of the rad things we took home:

Im pretty sure I am obsessed with the antlers. They are going to go in between the french doors in the family room. Can we just talk for a second about how perfect they are going to be for hanging garland and other holiday decor off of?! Yes!

The airplane is most likely going to end up in Brays room considering he is totally in love with it. The jars and statue of liberty have already been put to good use:

If you follow me on Instagram then you would know how much I loathe styling an area. Seriously suck at it, seriously stresses me out, and seriously have a best friend who rocks at it! Our card catalog was styled here by Kylie from Modern Manor. She did it in literally less than five minutes. That crap would have taken me an hour, and would’ve looked no where near as great! Thanks Ky.

If you live in AZ you definitely need to check out Antique Plaza in Mesa. You’re guaranteed to find a treasure or two of your own.

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Antique Plaza. All words and opinions are my own, as they always are:)


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    We have been in our house 11 years and I am sad to admit that I have hardly done any decorating… Everything I do looks like crap – thanks for your site and the inspiration it provides 🙂

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    Awesome place! Looks a lot like the ones in Prescott!! Great finds and Kylie did an awesome job styling, Im sure its beginning to feel more like a home!!

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    This is a great place… The items are perfect in giving any house a vintage look. It is quite challenging to decorate a home with these items particularly when you do not have an eye for details – the items will just appear as junk. Agreed. The styling that came after the shopping looks excellent! 🙂 PS I enjoy browsing through your blog.

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