The Most Perfect Ceiling Fan Ever

What has become more and more obvious to us lately is that we are all in the same boat when it comes to hating the ceiling fan options out there. They are either just down right hideous, absurdly expensive, or something else random is wrong with it. Here is where this blog saves the day…

We found an incredible fan. For a reasonable price. That is easily able to be purchased. And its SO good looking. These are the fans we installed in our family room, and we love them. They are perfectly silent, and add such character in a spot that would normally be an eye sore.

If you are needing a new fan, or just wanting to get that butt ugly one you have now out of your house- here is the link to ours. Its from Lowes. Its $170. And I promise you will be just as in love as we are.

Your welcome:)

Happy weekend!




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    We just bought this fan and love it! The only problem is the glass won’t seem to come clean. We have tried Windex, pledge glass cleaner, and plain soap and water. Any recommendations?

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