Fall Burlap Table Runner {No-sew!}

It was 106 degrees yesterday, but thats beside the point… I am thinking of, dreaming of, planning for, Fall.  A craft that I dreamed up a few weeks ago was a fun ombre leaf Fall burlap table runner, and I am so glad my vision came to life this past weekend.
Burlap is totally overdone, but there are times when it is just right.  And in my humble opinion, Fall projects are most definitely one of those times.  This craft was easy, quick, and best of all- cheap with a cute finish!
Burlap {if you are local, I get my burlap at SAS fabrics, its the cheapest place in town}
Fall leaves {by far the best deal is this from Amazon}
Fabric glue
-Start by measuring the surface you are making the runner for.  A lot of people make runners that go longer than the table and hang off the edge.  I wanted this runner to be used constantly through Thanksgiving, so for that to happen without Bray pulling it off the table daily, I made mine much shorter.  Our table is 90in. long and I made the runner 59in. long.
-Iron out and cut your burlap to size.  A little trick I love for fabrics {burlap included} is the pulled string trick.  If you have heard/used this before, you probably aren’t impressed, but if this is new to you- you are going to now love me forever. Like foreva, eva?  Foreva, eva.  To get a perfectly straight line “drawn out” for you in your fabric, simply measure to your desired point, pick at it until you get a little bit of that string there up, and then pull slowly till it unravels throughout the fabric:
-Once your fabric is cut, it’s time to hem the sides.  Now if you are all fancy {or just not insanely terrible and despise sewing} you can sew your hem.  OR if you are like me, you pull out your beloved Heat n Bond, and fire up the iron.  Bond the sides for the hem, and smile at how easy that magic is:)
-Now its time for you to let your creativity flow.  I knew going in to this I wanted my leaves to have an ombre effect, but really they can be however you would like them.  Or you could border out your whole runner, whatever floats your boat.  Again you can be an overachiever here and sew on your leaves, or you can just dab on some fabric glue and call it a day.
And thats it!  Easy as can be, and looks awesome in our Dining Room we madeover!

What do you think?  Loving the ombre effect?  Be sure to check back tomorrow for another Fall craft- we’ve got a week full of them!




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