Refinishing The Stairs

Oh how I have a love hate relationship with these stairs.  I love how they look {now}, but my lazy butt hates having to walk up and down them to get to our room.  Yes, sometimes I am too lazy and decide that whatevers up there isn’t worth the trip.  Sad but true!  We have known since we moved in though that the stairs needed a little TLC.  Here is how they very first started out as:

They were a lovely shade of poop carpet, too shallow, and the stain was a cherry red.  All things not good.  We had our favorite floor installer come in and fully replace the steps and match them to our hardwoods everywhere else.  Then J and I sanded, stained, and painted the rest.

I am constantly amazed by what a little paint and stain can do to an area.  The poly-sealer they used on the rails was insanely thick, so sanding it down left quite a dusty mess…but it was all worth it!

Have you done any project face-lifts lately?


  1. Anonymous says

    Well Adri, It has taken me a couple of weeks but I just finished the entire blog and now I am up to the end – the present. Well done to you both for your hard work and faithfulness. You like so may others in blog-land make it look easy when we all know it’s not. I do think I am starting to see a hint of color in your Design Inspirations, welcome by me at least. My husband and I are starting a new house soon and mine usually have color everywhere.
    Best, Vanessa

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