Just A Little Bit

Please excuse us just a little bit longer while this process takes place.  I used Blogelina for the transfer from Blogger to WordPress, and everything went as smooth as possible! Now the re-design is going on, with the incredible Sarah from Sweet Theory Designs.  Just so you know, things will be changing through out the next few days, but if you see something that you think could be gravely better- leave a comment and let me know:) Would love your input.  Cant wait for it to be finished, hope y’all like it as much as I am going to.


  1. Lauren P says

    I hate to comment with any negative feedback, especially because I love your blog so much! The new header looks great but is really pixelated. The other thing I noticed is on your “home page” or “landing page” the blog posts are center aligned but once you click on them, they become left aligned. That may just me the graphic designer in me, but I think it looks better when everything is consistent and left aligned.

    Hope that was helpful! Like I said, hate to leave negative feedback, but thought it was important to!

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