Our High Gloss Black Front Door

One of the funny things about having a blog is the timeline that projects actually get written about.  You see, I painted our front door {interior} a beautiful Sherwin Williams high gloss black about two months ago.  I didn’t want to show the door until the whole rooms wainscoting and paint was finished, which wasn’t until Thanksgiving.  And then I forgot until the other day that I still hadn’t even shown you it at all…two months later!  Whoops!!

This is how the room looked for months and months:

And now, with the Sherwin Williams Olympus White paint on the walls, trim work finished, and front door painted, the room is worlds different:

So much better, right?  I love the contrast of the black on the white and light grey.  The room has a ton of natural light in general, so I wasn’t concerned about it darkening the space up too much.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are many things we wish were different in here, like take out that block glass small window and move the door to the center of that wall with windows on both sides.  But things like that, that are in no way, shape, or form necessary, will just have to wait:)  On the other hand, something that needs to change ASAP is painting the exterior of the front door, and covering up all the burnt orange paint! You see the tiny strip of it here below?

Ya, we’re not fans of it.  I prefer to look at my door and not think Halloween;)
But for now, we are happy.  The SW paint was a dream to work with as usual, even with it being high gloss {which has a history of being a pain to look even and not streaky}. The black adds a great character to the room which we love, do you?
Do you have any black interior doors in your home?  Or have you not taken the plunge yet?
Disclaimer: Sherwin Williams provided us with the paint in exchange for an honest review:)



  1. says

    I was tempted to interrupt your husband’s lunch at Four Peaks yesterday and tell him I’m a huge fan of his work on your blog, but decided to spare him the embarrassment. He was busy with your adorable son anyway. In fact I told my son (who has twin boys your son’s age) to look how cute that little boy was dressed, only to realize he was a fellow bloggers son. Small world! 🙂

  2. says

    I love the room!! Am thinking seriously about black doors. Do you have any tips for working with the high gloss paint? Did you find a source for that? I painted the front door on our last house a bright yellow semi-gloss and it was rather difficult. I used a foam roller and applied umpteen million coats but continued to get an orange-peel texture. I think I needed to thin it down more maybe.

  3. Gabriel says

    Hi there, we love what you’ve done, so we’re copying you! We’re using Olympus White and Extra White. One question, though, is which sheen to use for the white part of the wall. Should we use Satin like the top part of the wall, or Semi-Gloss like the trim?

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