New Items In Our Home!


You know when you get a new item in your home, whether it be a painting, a vase, or heck- even a new pair of shoes…and you just want to show everyone!? Well thats what I am doing, because I am so giddy over our new sofas and rug. Yes, this room is still a work in progress, hence nothing being up on the walls. But for now, I am just so happy that we finally have sofas and a rug!

The sofas we bought from Modern Manor. They got them at a local Estate Sale, where this homeowner custom made all of his furniture. He made these sofas back in the 60’s. They are super long, and so stunning! My favorite part of them? The legs, hands down.



The second new thing is the beautiful rug from West Elm, Textured Peaks Wool Rug. We got it when it was on a smokin sale, of course. After all, I don’t think we have ever bought a rug full price…those puppies are expensive! So far it is holding up incredible well to all things kid and dog. As much as I would love to have a house full of white and light rugs, those just end up looking like crap after a few months with the dogs and Braylen. This one seems to hid everything and not ever look dirty- score! Of course weeks after putting it down, Boomer {our Boxer} decided that the rug was a perfect spot to randomly throw up. Of course! We have never owned a rug that was mainly wool, so getting that stain out isn’t going too well. Its 85% wool, 15% cotton- so if any of you have a recommendation, I am all ears!


Thats it for fun new stuff. We are loving how this room is coming together, and I am excited to over time find the perfect pieces for the walls. Are you like us in that you would rather have blank walls than fill them with less than perfect decor? Or do you just want something up there? I am impatient, but not when it comes to potentially wasting money because of it:)


 Happy Valentines Day my friends!! I hope you all have something special to do today, mainly with someone special. I myself hit the jack-pot, I have two incredible dates for our home cooked meal today…Jeremy AND Bray<3


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