Midcentury Modern House Makeover: New Addition!

Remember when I showed y’all the most amazing makeover our friends did to their Midcentury Modern home? Well they’ve done it again.  They had the chance to add on to their home create the most incredible master suite.  The new bathroom?  Its a slice of heaven.  A really big slice of heaven! Having the laundry room right off the master closet?  Genius!  So without further ado, I will let the photos do the rest of the talking:

IMG_0716 IMG_0723 IMG_0718 IMG_0722 IMG_0733 IMG_0742

Here is their master closet, complete with that golden mirror of perfection..and the attached laundry room:

IMG_0728 IMG_0731

And then for quite possibly my favorite part, the bathroom.  You walk in here and feel like you are in a luxury hotel:

IMG_0739 IMG_0743 IMG_0736 IMG_0735 IMG_0740

See how the home initially started here. And then their main living space makeover, their old master suite makeover, and their old laundry room makeover.

I am so in love with their master bedroom suite.  They always have the ability to pull in the perfect amounts of midcentury, modern, and antique.  Yes, it helps that they own Modern Manor, but owning a store and selling the furniture doesn’t necessarily give you a great eye- but they have it!

What do you guys think? Love it? Favorite part? Would love to hear your feedback!


    • Sherri says

      Yes, everything is drop-dead gorgeous. Oddly enough, my favorite is the gold mirror in the closet. How cool is that? But, I think your home is all that and more! You are indeed blessed to have such a beautiful home, just as I am blessed to have my beautiful home. Btw, you look amazing in your pregnancy posts! God bless you and your family.

  1. Henderson says

    Meh… The bathroon is nice and the closet is OK, but I don’t like the bedroom. At first I was confused and I kept scrolling down looking for and “after” picture.

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