Clearing Out The Garage

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I should preface this post by saying NO judging allowed! Our garage is messy, but I hope you still like us in the end:)

Believe it or not, this baby of ours is going to be here in about a month {give or take a week on either end}.  We are so incredibly excited, and so incredibly unprepared!  Yes, we have all the necessities, but our house is kind of in shambles in multiple areas, the nursery and garage included!  I am just now beginning to feel the ‘nesting’ bug and I wanted to tackle at least a little bit of the garage this weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, our garage is still a hot hot mess {literally hot as well since it has been 100+ these last few days}.  But I knew that I would feel so much better if I could get at least a corner of it cleaned up and organized.  You see, our garage is a one car garage that has never actually held one of our cars!  We use it for storage of old cabinets, wood supplies, a deep freezer, and some of my moms cleaning supplies.

I knew that I at least wanted to get some of her cleaning supplies organized for her sanity, as well as mine, so I went to Target and picked up the new Rubbermaid FastTrack 5 piece kit {this bad boy is on sale at Target for $28.89, normally $33.99, from May 18-24th!!}


This was the area that was full of junk.  Yes, junk that is used, but it still looked insanely cluttered:


Within a matter of about 15 minutes, and J snapping some photos along the way, I got it up and organized! Heres how it went for us {or you know, you can always read the actual instructions!} Keep in mind though, we were dealing with a different situation than most.  Our garage is all brick walls, instead of the normal drywall that you screw in to.  It was still totally easy to install, but just a little different than the norm.

First things first, level your piece out and then mark when you are going to be drilling the screws in to {and no, you do not need to be 8 1/2 months pregnant to do this project, that part is optional!}:


Once leveled and marked, start drilling the provided screws in place {the love I have for this Ryobi drill is insane}:


Once all the screws are in, make sure it is nice and secure and then slide on the cover:


Now this is where it gets fun, the kit comes with normal sized hooks, and one really big one.  You get to choose wherever you want them to go, and if you change your mind later, you can always move it {you can also buy pieces individually}:


And thats it guys.  It couldn’t be more simple!  I am in love with just how much these four hooks can hold!  I managed to get all of my moms cleaning supplies hung up, and even hung some of my own! AND guys, the best part- I did this all on my own!!!  Normally I am the one snapping the photos and assisting here and there, but for this easy install I did it all on my own, while J got to stand off to the side and look pretty!  Love feeling like I can accomplish a project {non-craft related} without the help of him!  So, moral of the story, if your hubby is too busy to help you, but you badly want this- GO get it! You can do it!!

rubbermaid fasttrack installation IMG_1431 IMG_1436

Now if only it were as quick and easy to get this all organized and cleaned up, then we would be good to go!  I don’t feel like that is the case though, so I might leave moving all the heavy baseboards to Jeremy, at least until I have this baby;)



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    Way to go, being pregnant and handy at the same time! I just installed this same one in my garage and I love it. But I have a huge mess too on the other side LOL.
    Nice to ‘meet’ you and your cool blog 😉

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