Our First Home Flip!!

We have been keeping a secret from y’all for a few months now and I am SO excited to finally be able to tell you about it- we flipped our first home!!!!

We partnered up with our friends who own Modern Manor, and our realtor friend John Gluch, and together we completely transformed a home here in Phoenix {listing for it here}! We just listed it yesterday and already have a ton of interest, but I wanted to show it to y’all before it sells!

I also will be showing the before shots of everything, the fun process doing it, and more details to come! In the mean time, here are our listing photos, all shot by Jordan Nielsen with ListerPros.

1208 East Seldon Lane-002-2 1208 East Seldon Lane-001 1208 East Seldon Lane-009 1208 East Seldon Lane-003 1208 East Seldon Lane-002 1208 East Seldon Lane-010

The original curved brick wall, wood burning fireplace, and ceiling beams are some of my favorite details of the home!  The kitchen remodel steals my heart too though:

1208 East Seldon Lane-024 1208 East Seldon Lane-021 (1) 1208 East Seldon Lane-020 1208 East Seldon Lane-014 1208 East Seldon Lane-022

The Master bedroom and bath are so stunning. The room is huge and once again the beams are sprawling across the ceiling! And the bathroom, oh the bathroom.  I am such a sucker for marble counters, tiling, and massive walk in shower!

1208 East Seldon Lane-039 1208 East Seldon Lane-044 1208 East Seldon Lane-032 1208 East Seldon Lane-037

The house is three bedrooms and two baths, and 2,450 sq.ft.!

1208 East Seldon Lane-050 1208 East Seldon Lane-048

You guys, we really are just so excited about this!  It felt truly weird to not DIY all the work, but we loved that we were able to select each and every detail in the home.  The details after all are what its all about, what can turn a normal house in to a stunning home!

1208 East Seldon Lane-057 1208 East Seldon Lane-056

The backyard is also perfect for a family that wants a grassy area, but doesn’t want to spend every weekend maintaining it!

1208 East Seldon Lane-060

Are you guys as in love with it as we are?  We are really hoping that this is just the first of many homes for us to flip.  We really loved the whole process and hope to find another home to love and transform soon. For any locals interested, here is the listing.



  1. Tara says

    Wait wait, is this the home you just bought? I thought you sold the first one? Was there a third one?? *So confused*

    Love your blog 🙂 And those pics are gorgeous!

    • says

      Sorry for any confusion. Our first home we bought and sold was a year ago, then we have been in our second home for a year now, with not intention of selling soon. This home I posted about was strictly a ‘flip’ home, we never lived in it:) Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Lauren H says

    WOW! Great flip! I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now and love your style! Great job and am looking forward to “meeting” your new baby!

  3. ashley says

    This is so pretty! Great job!!! I think the kitchen is my favorite. And cheeeeeap taxes! (Making me want to finally say adiós to Iowa, trust me)

  4. says

    OMG! I LOVE this house! Every last detail! I’m drooling over here, wanting to relocate to AZ just to live in this stunning home! I love your blog, I love your style and I love Modern Manor 🙂 Great job you guys!

  5. keeley @ european paint finishes says

    So incredible in every single way!! Color scheme, flooring, lighting, details, tile, sink, beams, curved wall… I can go ON and ON! So happy for you guys, you are so in your element and obviously have partnered well :))) Whoever wants this better act fast cuz it won’t be lasting. So freaking rad!!!! Congratulations on your first flip, clearly not the last!!!

  6. says

    That looks so nice! So here is a dumb question- when you buy all that stuff to show the house with, what do you do with it all when you are done?

    Will you be revealing the costs and such? I love these kinds of projects, especially when they are local!

    • says

      Glad you love it!! Our friends who own Modern Manor did the flip with us, so they are able to just use the stores furniture which is incredible. We do have friends who just stage homes and they say it’s an initial investment for sure, but then a few jobs pays it off. We will for sure be going in to more detail coming up here soon:)

  7. Beth says

    I love it! Those are the colors I’m wanting to repaint my house in. Hope it looks that good when I get done!

  8. Michaela says

    this is absolutely wonderful. it really shows how much you put yourself into this project. my favored is the dinning table. I want to build one for myself and the kitchen counter, seamless, love it. thank you for sharing.

  9. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I wish you the best of luck with profiting with this flip and all in the future. I am anxious to see the before photos as well.

  10. Lindsey says

    How far apart are the kitchen backsplash tiles? In other words, what are the size of the grout lines? Thanks!

    • says

      Hi Dana,
      To see all the before and afters of each room just search the Category of Home Flips on the blog. It has each post up:) The cabinets were custom, the sink was from Home Depot

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