BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft Review & Giveaway!

So we are two months in to having TWO kids, and it is so great. Crazy and flustering at times, but so great. I thought I knew everything as a first time mom with Bray, and now having a second- the biggest thing I have learned is that I don’t know it all;) I also have learned that each and every single baby is different.  While one baby might love the swing, one will hate it.  While one might fall asleep quickly in the car seat, one will scream non-stop in it:)

Because of this, we as parents are constantly buying ‘all the things’, every gadget that is made that claims to help make babies happy, sleep better, etc. The reality of all the gadgets though is that movement helps. There have been numerous studies that show that movement not only soothes a baby better than anything else, but it also helps them in the future. Movement helps their motor skills down the road, along with helping them in the instant. It is researched to be more soothing than even a parents voice to the baby!

BABYBJORN bouncer balance soft review
Now even with all the research, for me the proof is in the pudding- and THERE IS PROOF here friends! There has never been a more simple baby item that has been more amazing for Winston than the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft. This was the item that got us through the ‘fun’ weeks of the witching hour in the evengings. It is the item that allows us to all eat dinner together as a family, since it is a safe spot to put him that he is SO happy in!

I love that there are no flashy lights, loud annoying music, or even batteries required. The only thing that this bouncer works off of is the baby’s own movement! AND it is good looking! Win, win, and win! The seat has three different positions, so you can use it to have a place for the baby to sleep, chill out in, or be active and sitting up. It also folds down super flat, so it is PERFECT for transporting it places easily.

The whole thing is also just one piece of material, so when the baby poops,pees, and spits-up on it {which in our house happens quite often!} you just toss it in the wash fast and easy! It also has the capability to hold anything from newborns to 29lbs. with the fabric having two sides {one with a safety harness for the babies, and one suited to be just like a chair for older kids!} I love how light and easy it is move around from room to room, something that most baby items can’t do well. Basically, I just love this thing and love that it makes him so stinking happy!

BABYBJORN bouncer balance
  Now what good would it be for me to share all the things I love about this seat if I didn’t have one for y’all to win?! I am SO excited to be able to give one away, since I think it is my most favorite item for our little guy right now- and want you to have that experience as well! Enter below to win the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft {$200 value!}:
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And a big thank you to BABYBJORN for making this giveaway and review possible! We love your company too much:)  


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