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You know when you drive by a home and its the ugliest one on the street, and is in desperate need of a home exterior makeover? Ya, those are the best homes to flip! It always cracks me up when Jeremy shows me home he wants to look at for flipping, and my first thought is always YUCK! But then I am quickly reminded, the uglier the better. This was no different for our first home flip here in Phoenix. The front yard AND backyard were in dire need of help- so thats just what we did:)

The front yard was all rock, dirt, and ugly bushes.  We wanted to not only add character,but make it a more livable space.  We leveled it all out, added grass and two medium sized trees.


We also ended up painting it with a grey coat of paint, and added a paved patio, which is awesome for entertaining:

IMG_1347 IMG_1342

I love the oversized house numbers, and the way just a little bit of paint can make an exterior seem so much more modern!

The backyard was in terrrrrrible condition when we bought the home. Totally overgrown, hideous rock wall, and just bad all around!

image_2 IMG_2411

It was incredible how much better it looked just after clearing out all the weeds and covering up the ugly rock wall with a wooden fence:


And then finally, after putting in grass, some bushes, and painting- it was totally transformed!

If we had to give some tips for transforming a homes exterior, this would be the order of what we think makes the biggest impact:

  1. landscaping
  2. paint
  3. new windows
  4. small details to add character

After writing this post it makes me eager to want to start working on our homes exterior, but I realize that that is a job that is just too large for us right now! Some day, some day friends!


  1. says

    WOW! Love the transformation…. I really like the color you picked for the house and how inviting the whole home looks now. Great work!

  2. Donna Marchlewski says

    The update is absolutely striking! May I ask where you purchased the large house numbers? I really like the clean lines and have not been able to find them. Thank you!

  3. Henderson says

    The end result looks much nicer, but adding a bunch of grass in an extremely arid environment is not a terribly responsible choice…

  4. Katie says

    Hello, this is amazing landscaping work. Do y’all do it or hire a landscaping company? If you do hire what company do you use or would suggest I use. Thanks a million!!

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