Top 10 Newborn Must Have Items for 2014


This post has been in the ‘draft’ section for almost a month now.  I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t full of items that I just thought I would need this time around, but full of stuff I truly did use and need every/single/day.

These are all the newborn must have items that I have been loving fiercely lately!  They all serve their own purpose, so lets get down to it!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft– This bad boy is my ultimate best friend during the peak fussy times especially.  Don’t get me wrong, Winston uses this all the time, especially when I pump first thing in the morning after his first feeding. BUT during those fussy evening hours, nothing…I repeat- NOTHING, makes him happier than kicking his little legs to create a soothing bounce in this baby! Love love love it!

Baby Bjorn Carrier One– I didn’t have this carrier when Bray was a baby, but I am definitely loving it this time around. I still have and love the Ergo, BUT this one is way better for summers in general, but also, you can use this baby for newborns WITHOUT having an insert.  That right there is game changing for me! Inserts always make babies extra hot, and that is the last thing we need here in Phoenix! Winston loves being in it, it is SUPER easy to put on myself, and we use it daily!

Aiden+Anais Swaddle Blanket– These are our go to blankets for just about anything.  While I do swaddle him during all naps and night in the Summer Infant Swaddles, I use these blankets for everythig else. Car seat cover? Yup. Nursing cover? Yup. Cover up the nasty floor below? Yup! You name it, and we use it for it!

MAM Glow in the dark pacifier– While some mamas out there rather their kids not have paci’s, we are lovers over here! And these, well these take the cake. They GLOW IN THE DARK PEOPLE! Do you have any idea how much I love these things in the middle of the night when Winston is crying and I can’t feel the dang paci, but I can see it lightly glowing?! Genius! It puts off just enough glow for you to see, but not even close to enough to keep the baby awake. Perfection! And, they come in a case that makes great for throwing in the diaper bag, and its also a sterilizing case!

4Moms Mamaroo Oh how we adore this swing! The different settings, the music playing ability, the sleek look, we love it all- and more importantly, so does Winston! Every other swing out there looks butt ugly and takes up SO much room, but not this guy. Our favorite setting? Car ride. Which is quite ironic because Winston isn’t a huge fan of actual car rides;)

MamaRoo Infant Insert This isn’t a MUST I guess, but I do recommend it. My sister let us borrow her insert and I just loved how much more secure and snug he seemed in the swing. He has pretty much outgrown it now at 2 months, but I felt really good about having it while it lasted.


Rock N Play This is what Winston sleeps in every night, and for some/most naps as well. I do put him down for naps in other things just so he is used to be more flexible, but he guaranteed sleeps the best in this. We have it set up in our walk-in closet in our room, and he is as snug as a bug. I love that it also helps with any trace of reflux, since it keeps him upright. We used this same one with Bray and loved it just as much then. In my opinion, this is a MUSTTTTT have for babies.

Lifefactory Glass Bottle– If you are doing bottles at all, we love these. Super safe for the baby {no plastics of any sort, the nipple is silicone} and cute AND durable. We kept the same bottles from Bray and just bought new nipples. Its amazing, they literally look as good today as they did the very first day we got them.

Baby Connect App Now this is for the mamas peace of mind, but I love this app. It allows you to track EVERYTHING. Feedings, diaper changes, medical stuff, doctors apts, sleep patterns, you name it!! I still use it for Bray for his doctor visit info, vaccines, weight/height, and milestones. I love having it on the phone because I can email stuff to myself or Jeremy. and I never loose the info. Especially in the first few months, you just want peace of mind that they are eating/pooping/peeing (etc) enough, and you can track it all in one app. Love, love love it!

Carlson Vitamin D– Every doctor recommends your baby to take vitamin D, but they normally tell you to get this nasty dye colored, chemical filled, sick tasting one. This one is pure vitamin D, one drop {literally just a tiny drop} daily, and its clear. If you are strictly nursing you can even put the drop right on your nipple while nursing so they get it that way.


Thats it. Im sure I could go on and on with a million more things, but these are my must haves for newborns.  I have learned what I really need and don’t need this second time around, and I feel super confident in this list- so I hope it helps all you mamas out there. And for the non-parents reading this- sorry, we will resume design on Monday:)

Happy Friday everyone- stay safe and have a fun weekend!

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  1. Bethany says

    I’m so glad you posted about the vitamin! I was wondering do you still give Bray a vitamin and which kind? My son is 18months and I hate giving him the gross syrupy stuff, and he hates it too!

    • says

      I actually give Bray a multi-vitamin now that contains enough vitamin D, so no he doesn’t get it anymore. I started him on a multi when he was just under 2. You should FOR SURE do the drops- they have zero taste and are so pure its incredible!

  2. Aaron says

    How often do you apply the Di-Gize oil? Our 5 week old son is struggling with reflux and we’re looking to try anything to help him.

    • says

      I always for sure apply it before bed time, and then the rest of the day is just whenever he seems uncomfortable really. Usually dont do it more than 2-3 times total. I hope this helps you!

  3. Rebecca Orr says

    I love this! The fact you can throw the material in the washer is a life saver for sure. With our 3rd little one on his way (he will be here sometime around Christmas!) this would come in handy! Thanks for the chance.

    By the way, I just discovered your blog and I have to say…..beautiful!

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