DIY Cheap Large Wall Art

DIY cheap large art

As you all know, it takes J and I forever to put stuff up on our walls.  Not only are we picky and indecisive on what we want, we also don’t ever want to spend too much.  Since all of our walls already have our DIY’d wainscoting, we have been ok with leaving most of them empty for this long {in Feb. we will have been in this house for two years- WHAT?!}.  But when we see a DIY that just seems to good to pass up, we go all in!  6th Street Design School turned an awesome octopus shower curtain in to wall art, and we knew we wanted to do the same, with a different curtain!

We searched high and low for a curtain that we both loved, and while there were a million ones that were pretty great on Society6, of course the one we both liked the most was not:/  We both fell pretty hard for this Moby Dick shower curtain, and went to work the day it arrived in the mail!  To see a full tutorial, head on over to 6th Street, but heres a quick breakdown of what we did {since we did it a little different}:

First we ironed out the curtain.  Such a simple thing for people who actually own an ironing board, but alas- we do not.  We never actually have, and maybe its time to get one now:)

shower curtain as art-2

We got a bunch of 1x1s and cut them to create a backing for the shower curtain.

ryobi saw

Once all cut, we simply nailed them together.  The frame was super easy to create, and attaching the curtain was as well.  We decided to use a staple gun and pull the curtain taught around the frame.  Since the wall we were putting it up on wasn’t too big, we just stapled the extra curtain behind:

shower curtain made art-4

And thats that!  The whole project, ironing included {which took the longest since I was awkwardly ironing it on the floor!} took under 45 minutes!  Love easy, large projects that made huge statements!

shower curtain made art-3 moby dick shower curtain



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