Sailboat Baby Mobile

sail boat baby mobile

Progress, people- we have progress! Last weekend we knocked out a really fun project in Winstons nursery and I am so excited to show it to you!  We had been in debate for awhile as to if we were going to just put Brays old mobile in Winstons room, or make him a new one.  Well, we kind of did neither:)

Since we went with white walls in here {my choice, not Jeremys} I knew we needed some sort of large fun wall art for above his crib.  I didn’t really want a mobile blocking that either, so we kind of combined the two.  Nothing better than killing two birds with one stone {really, lets not kill any birds because thats just sad, but you get my drift}.  Jeremy went to Portland a few weeks back with a bunch of his best guy friends to see a college roommate get married, and while there picked up this amazing sailboat kite.  Yes, that baby is a full blown working kite!  He knew it would look rad in Winstons room, just not sure how.

Since we always, always, have scrap wood of all shapes and sizes in the garage, we went to town cutting a large piece of plywood for a backdrop for the sailboat.  Now since this is a fairly heavy piece of wood going above our sweet babys head, we knew we needed to seriously secure it. Out came our beloved Ryobi drill to drill holes for some heavy duty screws we used!

ryobi drill  We kept the washers and screws exposed to add a bit of an industrial look, and it made me feel like it was just that much more secure:)

sail boat wall art

The wood is sanded down so smooth, nice and secure to the wall, and the sailboat just pops now!  If you ask me, its a win-win.  We have something over his crib, its fun for him to look at,  and it acts as a piece of ‘art’.

sail boat mobile

PS- We realize that once he gets able to stand and reach for it we will have to secure the sailboat in another way, but for the meantime, its fine as is!


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