5 and 6 Month Baby Update

5 month winston

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Man I feel like a bad mama for the fact that I let two months go by without an update, but such is life! Month five and six have been awesome, hard, and sweet all mixed in between. Winston has continued to be his sweet and joyful self, but he has been thrown some hurdles these past two months. He got a really bad cold that made his sleep terrible for about two weeks. Im talking, up every hour or two at night. BUT all the other good stuff that has happened by far outweighs the bad.

He celebrated his first Halloween. He was a parrot while J, Bray, and I were pirates. He was such a trooper the whole night while we went to a friends party and trick-or-treated around the neighborhood. He was technically supposed to celebrate his first Thanksgiving, but that was when the whole family was super sick- so I just might count next year as his first;)

He has been rolling from his belly to back for awhile now, but just recently started rolling from his back to his belly- which is awesome for his sleep! He also loves to hold his little blankie while sleeping now. It is so sweet, and makes me so happy that him and Bray have the same blankie {just different colors!}. He loves rubbing his face in it for comfort. He still is totally obsessed with putting his hands {and feet} in his mouth, and thinks its fun to suck on his fingers, although at night he doesn’t really do it much.

He now loves to reach for your face, and even gives kisses on demand. Best. Thing. Ever. He also isn’t enjoying laying back as much anymore, he always tries to sit himself up. He can sit up on his own by bracing himself with his hands, but isn’t super sturdy for a long time. That just happened when he was almost 6 months. Personally, this time period is my favorite. Not mobile yet, but able to sit up.

We are still giving him his Dreamfeed, since I tried to drop it and he was fine without getting it, but started waking at 5:30 hungry. No bueno. Also, after his bedtime and dreamfeed is really the only time he is sleepy enough to just lay his head down on my shoulder and pass out, so its a super sweet time for me! His schedule is pretty flexible. Its nice still keeping him on a good routine, but not feeling SO tied down to the time like I felt with Bray. He generally eats every 3-3 1/2 hours during the day, and takes two 45- 1 1/2 hours, with one longer nap in the afternoon being around 2 hours {during Brays nap- so its glorious!}.

One of his favorite places to be while at home is in his ‘command center’ as we call it. Its really just the Baby Einstein Musical Activity Jumper, but this thing keeps him entertained forever! Definitely a must-have for us. The other must-have is still the Baby Bjorn bouncer seat. I love being able to pick it up and move it so easily, and he is loving bouncing so high now. He also loves staring at fans, and wakes up happy in the morning and from naps. I love going in there and listening to him just chat away to himself!


You amaze me every day at what a sweet and chill baby you are. You are just such a blessing to us. The way you love and laugh at your brother makes me giddy thinking about the future of you two. Thank you for being so easy going and joyful always. You spoil us daily with your sweet spirit. I pray it is truly your personality for good, because man- I cannot get enough of it. Happy 1/2 year! We love you baby boy.


  1. keeley says

    So so precious and adorable! looking so much like Bray, love the sleeping prayer hands and roly poly foot in mouth. am sure you can stare into those baby blues for hours! and love the chesterfield!! :))) Merry Christmas to you all!

    • says

      Thanks love! I do stare at his sweet eyes all the time. I swear I never thought I would have a blue eyed baby! Sharing about the new sofa next week, its so great!!

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