Natural Pollen Problem Relief


I don’t want the majority of you to hate me, but Arizona has been having crazy weather lately…but not the kind that most of you are experiencing. Most of you are stuck in terrible winter storms, and I am so sorry. We, however, are stuck in a place that cant make up its mind on what season it is. We fluctuate from 50 degrees to almost 80 in just a week. With that brings a ton of seasonal allergies for me and many others.

I have always had pretty bad seasonal issues, and most years have just resolved to taking a medicine daily during the bad season. Right around when I wanted to get pregnant with Bray, I decided I would try to go a more natural route, but never had much success with it…until now.

When I got my Young Living Essential Oils premium starter kit a year ago, I knew I wanted to try out their classic Pollen Problem trio right away. It blew me away how well it worked. Seriously. That was actually one of the first things I fell in love with when it came to the oils.

Because it just works so insanely well for me, I wanted to share my tricks on it with y’all {I promise not to continually post on oils 24/7 dont you worry!}

The main ways I use this trio of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint are:

1- Apply three drops of each oil to the back of my neck. It penetrates quickly and feels so good because of the tingle from the Peppermint.

2- My most common way I use this trio is taking it internally in a vegetable capsule. I simply put 5 drops of each oil, and take one capsule a day.

3- If it is full blown pollen problem season, I also diffuse the trio first thing in the morning before we leave the house.

4- for Bray {not Winston, he’s too young for honey- and he hasn’t shown any allergies yet} if he seems to be affected, I will put a drop of each oil in a spoonful of local honey and he takes it right down! He even thinks its a treat:) A little trick if your kid isn’t great about taking something off of a spoon: use one of those medicine syringes and suck up the honey and oils and then squirt in their mouth!

It is amazing how not only does this work better for me than any OTC medicine, but it also doesn’t leave me with any of the side effects that the meds do! Win, win!

Do you use oils yet? What are your favorite ways to use them- or do you have anything that you want to know about regarding oils and uses? Leave me a comment with your email or topic and I’ll get on it!

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