7 Month Baby Update

7 months baby

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7 months with Winston.

It doesn’t seem possible that its been only 7 months, and that it has been 7 whole months.

He continues to be incredible sweet, happy, and giggly almost always. He is starting to show preference though in who is holding him, which is sweet because I am always the winner, but thats not always the best:) This month he has also began reaching for people. Its not a super forceful reach yet, but it is definitely his arms going out towards the person he wants.

He solidly has two teeth, eats solids like a CHAMP, and sleeps 12 hours with no feedings! We were able to drop his dreamfeed sometime between 6-7 months, just by only nursing him one side for a few nights in a row. Then I just didn’t feed him and he slept..it was amazing! Not that I minded those sweet sleepy feedings {they are actually my favorite of all nursing times} but it makes it SO much easier if someone is watching him for us. He goes to sleep by 7pm and wakes up again at 7am. Heaven!

He is eating solids three times a day with a smaller snack sometimes in between. I swear this kid packs in more solids than Bray did at this age, which is simply terrifying! I make his food in big batches and then freeze them in to 1 oz. cubes. He eats 2 cubes+1 egg yolk for breakfast, 3 cubes for lunch, and 2-3 cubes+1 egg yolk for dinner. So far he has had: apples, pears, banana, spinach, green beans, peas, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, avocado, and egg yolk. He was randomly dealing with some eczema on his back for about 3 weeks after starting solids, but it recently went away. No clue!

Also, best news evaaaa- he totally has grown out of reacting to me eating dairy. Hallelujah! When we were coming home from spending a weekend up in Flagstaff at our friends cabin, we stopped for pizza. I normally would just take all the cheese off, but today I decided to risk it since I thought he might be growing out of it. Guess what? He had no reaction! So the next day I ate a little slice of cheese, nothing! The true test was getting my all time favorite chocolate shake from The Stand..NOTHING! I am so happy:)

This month this kid also became a master sitter. He sits up unassisted for really long periods of time now, and is even mastering the flailing of arms and still staying balanced act;)

He had a blast celebrating Christmas, and handled the non-stop festivities like a champ. He was way more in to eating the wrapping paper, and crunching it all, than he was the gifts.

He has also began to just recently try and get up on all fours and rock a little. I push him back down. Kidding {kinda!} I am soo not ready for my baby to be mobile. He doesn’t get anywhere yet, but I know that it is just around the corner. Wahh.

He still would much rather nurse than ever take a bottle, but if he gets hungry enough he will eat it. He is so sweet whenever I leave him with someone, the moment I get back he wants to nurse. Even if he just ate something. I think its his way of reconnecting, and I melt!

I know this is all such a rambling, so sorry friends! I love being able to write down all these moments and experiences so I have them to look back on, so thanks for listening!

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