8 and 9 Month Baby Update

8&9 months

Its official, if we have another child ever- they will be lucky if they get a 3x a year baby update! I have good intentions of doing a monthly update, and doing it on time, but that just isn’t the case:)


In the past two months he has changed so much its crazy. I guess that is how the entire first year is though! He was very different than Bray when it came to crawling. Bray did the army crawl for months before he every truly crawled, where with Winston he never once army crawled. He just went for the real deal, and loves it. He started crawling at 8 1/2 months, and for the first week or two only did it when he really wanted something, but now he is everywhere!! My freedom of putting him down is over. For that reason I am loving having this walker even more, because he can still get around- but not in to too much trouble.

w crawling

He is also pulling himself up on to anything and everything he can. He learned how to do this in the most unsafe place ever, the freaking bathtub. This kid is obsessed with standing up in the tub, and then loves dipping his face under the water. It is awesome that he has no fear of water, but is beyond terrifying to me. I can’t take my eyes off of him for one split second in the bath! He is still loving bath time with Bray more than almost anything else. I love watching them splash each other and our new fav thing to do is blow bubbles while in the tub. The laughs I get to hear for 30 minutes are heavenly.


He also is babbling all the time now, says Mama any time he is sad and wants me, and has said dada a few times too! He loves spitting, blowing bubbles, and sucking in his tongue and lips. Basically anything to do with his mouth and making noise he likes;)


What is kind of weird is this past month or two he has acted like he has a witching hour again from about 5-bath time at 6ish. He only wants to be held by me, otherwise he is not happy. The whole crawling thing has made this a little better, so its not every night of fussiness, but it is weird that is came back. Im not sure if its a teething thing or what, but he is justttt about to cut his top two teeth.

He is sleeping like a champ still 7-7. Sometimes he goes down a little early if he had a bad afternoon nap, and sometimes he wakes up a little early. He naps from about 8:30-10/10:30 and again from 1-3/3:30. Bray and him still take that afternoon nap at the same time and it is glorious for me!!


He is eating SO much freaking food now-a-days. He still gets purees {and pouches a lot when we are on the go} but is eating more and more of our same food just cut up tiny. He got ground beef and chicken for the first time at 9 months. Loveddd it. I still haven’t given him dairy {other than the Kerrygold butter I use for a lot of his food}, but will probably try it out soon. He gets very little grain. The only thing he eats that is grain is his puffs. Funny thing with him feeding himself- I was wondering why he wasn’t catching on to putting the food in his mouth, and then it occurred to me that I had never actually sat down with him to show him how. I sat with him for maybe 5 minutes, showed him how to put the food in, and we were good to go! Oh the simple things you forget about when they are not your only child! We also totally skipped over the traditional sippy cup and he uses these Camelback straw cups like a champ. Bray never liked sippys, so I have always just done straw cups, and figured Winston could figure them out too. It only took him one try and he got it! He loves drinking water from it now.


I left him for the first time for more than 24 hours! I went on a girls trip to Cali for 4 days, and he did amazing being with Jeremy and then my parents while J worked. Such a blessing! He continues to be the sweetest and most cuddly little guy ever. He loves to nuzzle in to you when he knows its time to go night-night. He takes his paci and just snuggles your chest and its the sweetest thing ever. Gosh I love this boy too much! Thats it for his update. Hope you weren’t bored out of your mind, but this is our life:)


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