Best Way To Clean Grout Naturally

best way to clean grout naturally

Hooray for finally having another Monday Tip for you guys! These flips are keeping us so busy, which is awesome- but I miss some of these simple things like Monday Tips! Today I am sharing one that I just put to use yesterday, and man was it awesome.

Jeremy was out of town all weekend, so that left me with a lot of extra time. Yes, the kids keep me super busy, but I still had downtime that I wasn’t used to. Luckily that downtime turned in to a cleaning bug, rather than say a shopping bug! I have known for months and months how terrible our grout in our Laundry room has been, but I have been avoiding it like the plague. I have cleaned this grout before many times, and it always sucks so bad. I don’t think our tile guys initially sealed it correctly or something, because this grout gets so dirty.

best way to clean grout naturally

I have used anything and everything to try and get it clean, and its been just alright. Some heavy duty products can get it fairly white again, but it always requires heavy duty scrubbing. Until yesterday!! Yesterday I decided to make up a little homemade concoction, and it worked better than anything ever before. And was easier to clean. And the best part- it was 100% natural and safe!

I simply made a paste of water and baking soda in a glass bowl. Once that was mixed, I added in 20 drops of Young Livings Lemon EO. Side note- did you know it takes approx. 75 lemons to create ONE bottle of YLs lemon EO! Crazy! Anyways, I gradually worked my way through my laundry room and scrubbed it down with an old toothbrush and this mix. The floor was literally glistening and smelled heavenly! I couldn’t believe it.

The difference in using this mix and the outcome was just crazy! I mean look at what I was dealing with!

natural way to clean grout

My next step is to reseal this floor before it gets terrible again. I am hoping by doing that, and having this awesome mix on hand- I will never have to spend hours again cleaning it! Fingers crossed!

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