Loving Lately..

While we are still on vacation over here, I have been MIA from almost all things technology. I sign in to Instagram once or twice a day to upload a photo, but I don’t search around. I barely have been checking my emails. And while I realize totally checking out like I am is unresponsible, it just feels good. It feels needed. Our family is going through a huge transition this month, and this time away from reality has been a serious breath of fresh air! On that note though, here are some seriously stunning homes and room makeovers that make me miss being online and seeing this goodness daily.

1 || This bathroom is a stunner. That floor, mirror, and fixtures are all so bold and so good.

2 || While this bathroom is much more on the girly side than the first, I love it! And the light reminds me slightly of a disco ball- so whats better than a dance party in a tub?!

Brass Pendant

3 || There are just really no words for this room. This photo shows such a beautiful contrast, and the brass lighting is So good.

4 || This bathroom is all things glam- and its so fun!! And it hurts a little that I have been on the look out for a mirror just like that- with no luck.

Ok, thats it for now! Back to the beach I go.


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