Natural Sleep Remedies

natural sleep remedies

Oh sleep, what a precious thing it is. I will be honest, the #1 thing I was terrified for when we found out we were pregnant with baby #2, sweet Winston, was sleep. I kind of went into motherhood with Bray being naive {aren’t we all though!}. I knew not having sleep would kinda suck, but I sorely underestimated just how much that suck, sucked! I apparently talked about it too much as well, since I had some readers tell me to stop complaining, haha!

So when I knew I was going in to the newborn world again, I vowed to do everything I could to not have it be as bad. Honestly, I think a big part in how a baby sleeps is just who the baby is. Some babies are naturally awesome at sleeping from day one, and some babies hate sleeping from day one. Luckily Winston hasn’t ever been terrible, but we have had our ups and downs.

From the get-go I started diffusing Peace and Calming around him. Not only at bedtime even, I diffused it any time he got fussy {you know- the dreaded witching hour}! But here is how we use the oils for the kids and us for sleep:

1- We diffuse 3-4 drops of each Lavender and Peace and Calming in the diffuser. I start it running about 5 minutes before bedtime, and then have it run until its empty.

2- We apply 1 drop each to the bottoms of our feet, especially to the big toe! {diluted with coconut oil for the kids}

3- We put 1 drop of each in the palm of our hands, and swipe on our pillow, or on their blankies.

These oils are so awesome to help keep your body calm before bed and give you a great night of sleep. Another awesome one for sleep is Cedarwood.

Do you use oils yet? What are your favorite ways to use them- or do you have anything that you want to know about regarding oils and uses? Leave me a comment with your email or topic and I’ll get on it!

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