4 Best Ways To Cook Bacon

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For this weeks Monday Tip I wanted to post on something near and dear to my heart..BACON! There are not many foods out there that I love more than Bacon. Bacon alone, bacon on a sandwich, bacon with eggs, bacon in a bloody mary, bacon, bacon, bacon!

I don’t know if everyone loves bacon as much as I do, but I would assume so. Did you know that there are a few amazing ways to cook bacon? And all of them are far better than the traditional ‘throw it in a pan and hope for the best’. Lets take a look!

1- My all time favorite way to cook bacon is the Oven Method. You line a baking sheet with foil and lay the bacon out in a single layer. Then put the tray in a COLD oven {as in, don’t preheat it}, and set it to 400 degrees. Flip half way through, cooking for a total of around 20 minutes. {via the Improv Kitchen} oven cooked bacon

2- Another way to cook bacon is by adding water to the skillet. Normal skillet cooked bacon leaves you with fat splattered all over, and not always the most crispy bacon. By adding just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, you are left with crispy bacon and more importantly- NO SPLATTERING! {via The Kitchn}

skillet cooked bacon

3- Want bacon that lays perfect on a sandwich? Make a bacon basket-weave! Fold your bacon in to a basket-weave and cook it in the oven. It will make the most perfect bacon for a BLT or other sandwich! {via Just Imagine}


4- Finally, in a time pinch- cook your bacon in the microwave. While this is my least favorite method, it still does work in a time pinch. You drape the bacon over an upside down bowl, so that the fat drips down. You cook it for approx. 1 minute per piece of bacon.  Or use a Bacon Wave {this is literally the only way I grew up eating bacon haha}. {via Life Hacker}

bacon in a microwave

And definitely, save the bacon fat! You will always see a glass bowl in my freezer that has bacon fat in it. Every morning we have eggs, and I either cook them in Kerrygold butter or leftover bacon fat. Heavenly!!


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    Fourth point for “WAYS TO COOK BACON” that is adding water to the skillet, i have tried this, its quite easy and less time consuming. I love to place the bacon in between the breads. Kids like it very much.

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