Flip It Friday – Double Dormer Wainscoting And More


If you have been around here for awhile, it comes without surprise that we are lovers of all things trim and moulding. We love how much character it adds to a room, how much class it brings, and how it adds so much decor that it replaces the need to over decorate a wall {at least in our opinion}!

We have wainscoting and baseboards and crown throughout almost our entire home, and we love being able to add it in to our flips as well {like we did in the Slump Block Ranch home}. We typically try and keep all the ‘boxes’ the same size on all the walls, but this house has a ton of different elements for wall sizes, so we actually did some normal, and some just with one larger box.

And if you were ever curious what trim looks like before its all finished, painted, and pretty- here is the nitty gritty of it:


Have I mentioned I love with a little caulking and paint can do?!

We also got all the bathroom and pantry tile in this week. This pantry/laundry room is amazing! I can’t wait till its finished so I can show you around in it.


And the all new Master bathroom is coming along so great. That shower is fit for a freaking family to shower in, its so huge!


And the fireplace is looking oh-so pretty now that its pretty cleaned up. Just needing to add tiling for the Hearth and we are in business!


Thats where we are at! Another good sign that we are almost done is that all the boxes got moved out of our house and over to the flip. You see, you can always tell where we are at in a flip by how many boxes of stuff we have in our Living Room. Currently- ZERO! The finish line is approaching fast!!!!

Just curious- what are you most excited to see in this home once finished? The master? The kitchen? Fireplace? I want to know what is getting y’all excited.


  1. AnnW says

    I like to see how you have changed the look of the main room. What walls were taken down, how you have integrated the kitchen and dining room etc. The whole aspect of it. That is usually the biggest difference of what you do. Are you afraid of over-improving a house. Do you always get a great return considering you spend a lot of time and money on the finishes and the quality of the tile?

    • says

      We will be showing side-by-side photos to show what walls came down, etc. We are very careful to know what the area can handle in terms of price point, so we dont over do homes. We are very calculated {aka Jeremy is:):) } with what changes we do, so yes- we usually do see great returns:)

  2. AnnW says

    By the way, as a New Englander, the dormers are way out of proportion of the house.
    You should remove them. They are too small. Much too small.

    • says

      Hi Ann,
      We realize the dormers are much smaller than traditional one, esp. ones in New England. But the fact is that AZ rarely has dormers anywhere, so while they may be small- they are still something. And we love them:)

  3. Amanda says

    I’m excited to see the master and the kitchen! I love the tile choices you have made. So stunning and elegant. Also, how do you paint the trim / wainscoting that is nailed to the wall? Do you use a sprayer or do it by hand? Just curious how it works.

  4. Vanessa says

    It is looking very good you two! Well done as usual. Wise to keep everything at your house until needed in case someone swoops in during the night. I remember seeing that on one of those “flip this house” type shows. I was as shocked as they were.

  5. meryl king says

    I love the look… classic especially love the BasketWeave pattern on the Bath floor- it’s not done enough these days.

    Can’t wait to see the Double Dormer finished! :O)

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