Double Dormer Guest Bathroom and Bedrooms


One of the most dramatic changes in a room in Double Dormer was for sure the guest bath! See that pretty above photo? Well this is how it started!


We had a horse trough as a tub, track lighting, and just beauty all around;) We knew this bathroom would go under a drastic change ASAP- and I am so excited with how it turned out. We got the clawfoot tub on Craigslist and had it fixed up, the pedestal sink is from console legs here, and the actual sink here. The mirror is another tilt mirror that we got on Amazon. We love using tilt mirrors that way we never have to worry if the mirror wont be just perfect for any height of an owner!

guest bathroom2

The hexagon floor tile from here, is a total classic in our minds. Some things truly just never go out of style to us, and this is one of those things for sure!!

clawfoot bathtub

The bathroom lights are from Faucet Direct, and they are another thing we have used in multiple homes. We splurged a little bit and got a British Telephone Shower kit for the tub here. We really felt like you just can’t have this amazing tub, and then some dinky hardware to go with it, so we loved this one from Signature Hardware.

guest bathroom

The two guest bedrooms in Double Dormer are a great size. The rooms both have plenty of natural light coming in from the windows, have character from the trim, and even a little spunk from the black door and closet doors!! And to think that both rooms had hideous carpet to begin with, well that makes the Afters even better!

Before {and the other room had magenta carpet}: IMG_4778

Catalina-044 Catalina-042 Catalina-041

Those are the guest bedrooms and bathroom! I hope you guys get as much thrill out of seeing those Before and Afters as we do! Its so funny when you forget what you truly started with, and I love seeing the transformation! Next week it is all about the kitchen!!!! So be sure to check back in!


  1. says

    That bathroom makeover is like night and day! Nice work! Although I have to admit, that sink in the before photo looks quite nice, except for the whole visible plumbing part.

  2. AnnW says

    That’s a great sink when you need one not too deep. I wish I would have known about that a few years ago. Great bathroom.

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