10 Appliance Tips and Tricks

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Ok friends, lets talk shop for a hot minute. Have you ever started designing your dream kitchen only to get super overwhelmed with all the options out there. Options for everything. Backsplash, counters, grout color, cabinets, hardware..and thats not even mentioning one of the biggest ticket items there is- appliances.

Once you find the ones you love, here are some fun tips and tricks on how to make them work so well for you- and help make them friendly to everyone in the family, sponsored by Sears Home Appliances and Services.

-1: Now this one may seem so silly, but truly get appliances that are big enough to be able to be used by the whole family. I know that having two boys who have a never ending appetite, I need all the refrigerator space I can get. I love this massive fridge by Kenmore Pro and Sears Home Appliances and Services, and the fact that it has 29.8 cu. ft. of room inside is awesome!

-2: Get organized with things inside the fridge. I always wash and prep everything that is a great snack for my kiddos, and it all goes in the very bottom drawer and side slot in the fridge. That way I can easily say that they can grab whatever they want when hungry! They’re happy because they get to ‘do it all myself’ and i’m happy because I don’t have to get it:)

Sears Home Appliances and Services

-3: When it comes to dishwashers, my family’s number one issue is the “well are they dirty or clean”?! Most of the time when the dishes are finished cleaning, I will unload and put away the entire thing. BUT there are those times where we are running out the door and I just grab a few things and leave the rest. Those are the times, without fail- that my hubby will just assume they are dirty and start putting more in. Enter these Dirty/Clean cute magnets in your life and that issue is gone!

-4: A warming drawer. A freaking warming drawer. Do you have one? How obsessed are you? I have never gotten the chance to have one, but whenever I am cooking in a kitchen with one, I am in love. Those babies will be your BFF when cooking a large meal for a lot of people. Have pies ready early? No problem! A side dish needs to stay warm? Perfect. You can adjust the temp on this Kenmore one and take away all worries of not timing a meal correctly!

kenmore pro warming drawer

-5: If you have hard to reach things in the back of the fridge, try out a lazy-susan in there! If you find one short enough to fit, it is a great way to fully see- and reach- what you need to in back!

-6: Live in a house full of messy kids? Ones that spill stuff in the fridge non-stop. Maybe you are better off lining your fridge shelves with clear plastic wrap. When a spill happens- simply remove the wrap and you are good to go!

-7: Locking the oven door! Best little part of an oven these days. Now most would think to only lock the oven door when you have something cooking and its hot, but I lock mine always! Why you ask? Well I happen to have a kid that thinks the oven is the best place to hide toys, which results in me throwing something in the oven to cook really fast, only to smell burning plastic 5 minutes later. Locking the door always means safety while cooking, and no more ruined toys!

Oven door lock

-8: Need a microwave, but don’t have room in your main kitchen layout? To not take up space in our kitchen, and some kitchens we flip, we put the microwave in the pantry. Pantrys are usually just a few steps away, so its not inconvenient. It frees up space, and hey- might even encourage you to use your oven more:)

-9: Speaking of microwaves– the best ever tip for cleaning the nasty inside of one is this: A wet sponge inside and spray down everything with Thieves cleaner. Microwave it all for two minutes and then {once cooled} simply wipe down the inside. Everything will come off So easily!

Microwave cleanup

-10: I’ll leave you with my most favorite cleaning tip for the Dishwasher. About once a week simply run your dishwasher with nothing in it other than a cup full of white vinegar. I usually run it for another cycle completely empty after that, but man- it is sparkling when finished!!

I hope you guys enjoyed some of our space saving, time saving, and resource saving tips! We are constantly thinking about kitchen and all the details that go in to them, so these are some of our go-to’s. Afterall, the last thing I want for any of us is to be laying in bed at night going over reviews like this couple: http://bit.ly/1MgzEyT {seriously made me LOL}

Leave me a comment on the best tip/trick/hack you can think of for kitchens! I swear I learn something new every time I read one of those ‘best 20 kitchen hacks’ posts, so I would love to know your favorites!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sears Home Appliances and Services.


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    You have really amazing appliances! I am really impressed! The cleaning tips are really good! I admit that there are many places around and in the appliances that I don’t clan very often… Thanks for the lovely post! 🙂

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