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One of the main questions that we get asked when we first get a new flip is, how do we get a vision for it? Now some homes are pretty clear from the get-go as to what we can transform it to, while some take a whole lot of vision and imagination!! Double Dormer was kind of a combo home. Some rooms were cut and dry as to how to change them, while others {like the Master bedroom} needed special vision goggles to see any good in it!

Right before we got this home Jeremy and I got to go to Portland to celebrate our 6 year anniversary {umm we will have been together for 11 years in October- say whatttt!} While there we of course did some vintage shopping because we both have a love affair with it! One shop though that we had never even heard of, let alone been in, was Rejuvenation. YOU GUYS!! This store was like our Heaven. Seriously. It had everything thing we love about home decor and fixtures, new mixed with old, shiny mixed with more industrial, freaking glorious.

That shopping trip was what lead us to designing a lot of Double Dormer the way we did. We constantly found ourselves envisioning a room, and then going back to something we saw at Rejuvenation. And rightfully so- it was just too good to stop thinking about!

So I wanted to showcase a few of their things that I think can really make a bold difference in a home, whether you are doing a full renovation like we do, or just changing out some fixtures here and there. Our Double Dormer was built in 1941 so it was so fun bringing it all back to life with some of their products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put some of these things in a new-build and have just as much success!
rejuvenation 3

1- Carson Rod Pendant, 2- Raleigh Park rug, 3- Fords Mill Double sconce, 4- Carrara Marble kitchen sink, 5- Grandview 2-light chandelier, 6- Connor Wall mount faucet

rejuvenation 1

7- Abernathy single sink vanity, 8- Farlane chandelier, 9- Mission pyramid cabinet knob, 10- Lewis single push-button switchplate, 11- Baltimore 6-light chandelier

rejuvenation 2

12- Cedar and Moss pendant , 13- Fireclay kitchen sink with rim, 14- Wall mount bridge kitchen faucet, 15- Squared Double Sconce, 16- Old town knob 

By mixing metals in a home you bring a element of surprise! We love mixing it up, especially in the kitchen. In our Double Dormer we have brass, chrome, and black! When you initially think of mixing those it can seem overwhelming, but it comes together beautifully! Light fixtures are another awesome way to mix elements, like Rejuvenations amazing Grandview chandelier! I love the chrome and copper!


If you have a Rejuvenation near you- GO check it out! You will be blown away! And keep in mind, they don’t ‘just’ have amazing new items, they also have a ton of Restored Antiques that are so rad!! Its like going to the best estate sale you could ever imagine, and the home is only full of amazing things- all the junk weeded out. We found some amazing 3 1/2 ball hinges for the doors that we loved from the antiques room in Portland and used them all the interior doors in this home {other than the Pantry}:


Disclosure: This post was written in partnership with Rejuvenation. All words and thoughts expressed though are 100% mine:)


  1. Vanessa says

    I surely miss Rejuve. It was sold to the Restoration Hardware owner a few years back but I don’t begrudge the owner in selling his business. I am sure it changes things a little, hopefully not too much. Haven’t been there in a few years as we are in California now.

  2. AnnW says

    One of my best friends’ daughters has a flower shop in the same building. I think her husband works there now. Did you see it?

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