Double Dormer Pantry


Today is all about the Pantry of Double Dormer! This room was not exactly easy to photograph, partly because half the room isn’t yet being used fully yet {no washer and dryer}! But I still wanted to fill y’all in on the fun details of it.

Before we started work on the house the pantry didn’t exist. It was a dark and creepy laundry room that had an entrance from the hallway, but this is where we opened it up:

double dormer pantry before

By far and away my favorite part about the pantry now is the door. We used one of our own doors that we bought from a house being torn down. Winston was about 2 weeks old and we stopped by an Estate sale on the way home from a doctors appointment. The whole house was up for sale, doors included. Jeremy dropped us off and went back and removed each and every door from that home- all 25 {NO JOKE!} and it was around 100 degrees out with no AC going in the house. Its a good thing he has a passion for getting a great find, because that was a gross and hot situation:)

vintage pantry door

We painted the outside of the door a high gloss black, but kept the inside the fun minty green that we got it in.

farmhouse pantry makeover

The inside has a ton of shelving that takes away any worry of not enough storage in the kitchen. And with the pantry being right outside the kitchen, you could even store appliances you don’t use as often in there.

walk in pantry

On the other side of the pantry is where the washer and dryer will go with plenty of space to add a space for folding and hanging.

The pantry in our house is approx. 3ft. by 3ft. so to say that I am just a little jealous of this big and bright pantry is an understatement.

Do you have a big pantry in your home? Do you utilize it as much as you think you would? Jeremy and I have been debating for awhile about trying to open up our pantry at home, but part of me thinks that since I am so used to having the small one, that maybe I wouldn’t need it/use it as much as I think I would?! Tell me your thoughts!


  1. Lin says

    Great choice to make such an amazing pantry. We have moved many times and I have had great pantries (large and walk-in) and not-so-great pantries (like a clothing closet from a house built in the 20s– with deep shelves that provide a place for things to get lost and go bad). A great pantry would be a deal maker for me!
    Just writing this makes me realize that I need to evict some of the foods that have migrated to the back of the shelves. Yikes!
    Keep up the amazing flipping. I just love following your transformations!

  2. AnnW says

    A big pantry is invaluable. It is the cheapest way to get storage space in a kitchen. Cabinets are how much a linear foot? Hundreds of dollars. You can also keep your vacuum, cleaning supplies, etc, etc in the pantry. Some houses have no basements, or good garage space, so cases of water, drinks, canned goods, etc can find a temperature controlled home in the pantry. Plus dog food, all those baking bundt pans and cookie things, serving pieces, and on and on. On a different subject, I think it should be a law that every house should have a front porch, in case you are interested.

  3. Vanessa says

    Once I went paleo and stopped buying cookies, cake mixes, pasta, crackers and bread type foods, my need for lots of storage really decreased. Most of the worthwhile foods go in the fridge. If you really look at what is stored in a pantry foodwise, you’ll see a lot of stuff that isn’t good for the body and causes weight gain. That said, we had a bathroom that opened into our kitchen and I have never liked that set-up. We removed the sink and toilet and turned it into a “pantry” where we keep cookbooks, some food, everything related to paying bills and some of the bigger platters. It’s not very full though.

  4. Cassie says

    The house we have had a HUGE pantry when we bought it, but we took it down to open the kitchen more and I don’t miss it. We have a smaller pantry now and because of the pull out drawers and shelving, it works great. I know what I have and use it in a more timely manner than I would with a huge one. Plus, I don’t need a ton of space, processed foods aren’t a regular thing for us (I store spices, canned goods, stocks, pasta, coffee, etc.)

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