Thanksgiving 2015 Recap!


Jeremy and I had the great privilege to host both families again this year for Thanksgiving. We feel so blessed to have the families we do, and the home that we do, so we love nothing more than opening it up for things. While some people would cringe at the thought of hosting 25 people, we love it!! We also are not insane, we have do it potluck style! Each year I am in charge of the Turkey and Candied Coconut Sweet Potatoes {and follow both of the recipes to a T and always get rave reviews}. Everything else gets brought by the rest of the family. It works so perfectly because no-one is ever overwhelmed with the amount of food they have to prepare.

This year we got blessed with beautiful weather as well, so we were able to have it outside again, like we did the first year of hosting! Having it outside is so fun because we are able to really spread out. We used three long tables, our homemade tablecloth and wood planks, and decorated minimally with pumpkins full of flowers and candles.

thanksgiving outdoor tablescape IMG_5946


We also were able to use our silverware napkin holders again. While those babies weren’t that fun to bend, I still love them so much and am so glad we took the time to make them! I put leaves that Bray and I found on a walk the day before in each holder to add some color. Free, easy, and cute!


I have a ton of beautiful dishes that I normally LOVE busting out for hosted dinners, but this year I went the easy route. I grabbed a pack of nicer throwaway plates and silverware from Costco, and let me tell you- game changer! Thanksgiving is still a huge clean up afterwards, so the fact that we didn’t have to wash a total of 50 plates and silverware was amazing. Might not have looked as pretty as normal, but i’ll take it for the time it saved.

thanksgiving table

There was so much good food, great conversations, and a million laughs had that night. Having little kids makes each holiday that much more fun- and they are a hilarious source of entertainment on nights like those. The kids scarfed their food as fast as their chubby little cheeks could handle, and then they were off to play the rest of the night.


And thats it friends. We hosted. We ate. We drank. We loved every second of it. We are so thankful for all that we are given in our life, including you. So take this as a big virtual hug through the computer screen!


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