Best Of 2015

2015 has been a fantastic and busy year for us personally and professionally. This was the first full year of Jeremy doing real estate and flips, and that has kept us so happily busy! I wanted to look back and see what were some of the most popular posts of the year {some are new this year, some are so popular they keep coming up year after year}:

The Best Way to Clean Hardwood Floors


Our Haver Home Flip Reveal



Turning a Tablecloth in to a Rug


How to Cover a Lampshade


DIY Large Jenga Game

DIY jenga game

A DIY Fireplace Mantel Tutorial


The 4 Best Ways to Hard Boil Eggs

hard boiled eggs

Homemade Larabars

homemade larabars

How to Smooth Out Textured Walls IMG_5464

Peach Sangria Recipe

peach sangria recipe

Top 10 Newborn Must Have Items


Door Trim Tutorial


Caramel Apple Sangria Recipe

caramel apple sangria recipe

DIY Shower Curtain Made Art cheap large wall art

My Costco Shopping List

costco food shopping

These posts reveal something awesome to me- that you all are amazing at loving and reading all different aspects of this blog. The DIYs, the Flips, the food, the parenting, you guys are in to it. I know that some of you for sure like certain aspects more than others, but hey- I hope you still come back for what you enjoy. Because this blog is always going to have a little of everything, because my life is too fun-crazy-and chaotic to try and compartmentalize it like that. So thank YOU. Thank you for reading. For commenting. For sharing. For giving feedback. Thank you for yet another amazing year of Dream Book Design. Heres to breaking this years record of 2.2 million pageviews!! Love you all!!!



  1. AnnW says

    Besides the flipping posts, my favorite was the hard boiled eggs. Changed my life. My daughter is a chef,and I still couldn’t make them according to her method. Thanks.

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