11 Weeks Pregnant

11 weeks pregnant

How far along: 11 weeks pregnant! Due September 27th!

Total weight gain: Back at pre-pregnancy weight!

Maternity clothes: Not yet!

Stretch marks: Nothing happening yet:)

Sleep: Needing a nap every single day! That afternoon slump is intense these days. Thankfully both boys nap at the same time, so I get some rest daily. The day that Bray realizes that most kids his age don’t nap will be a sad sad day;)

Best moment of this week: I have been nausea FREE for 3 whole days now, so I am thinking I am starting to be in the clearrrrrr! Also, my sister had a little layover in Phoenix on Sunday so my mom, brother, and I all went to meet her at the airport for dinner. It was SO good to see her and have time just the siblings and mom:)

Miss anything: Cold deli meat and beer.

Movement: Ok, so I really don’t think im crazy- I think I am feeling this baby move! It started happening this weekend. It tends to only happen at night when im sitting still. But it is in the same exact spot every night, and is happening every night now. It seems way too early to feel anything- but since it keeps happening I am thinking it really is the baby!

Food cravings: Arnold Palmers and deli sandwiches.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I think I am heading in to the clear!! Got some Seabands and I think they are really helping! I am planning on doing a whole post on what tips and tricks seemed to help me.

Have you started to show yet: YES!!!!! It just started a few days ago, but now when I wake up there is a little bump there. It used to only be there during the night, but now its always there! Might not be super noticeable to everyone else, but those that know me well totally see it!

Gender: Unknow:)

Labor signs: None, and hopefully none for a LONG time.

Belly button in or out: In, for now:)

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!! And even happier than normal now that I am beginning to feel like myself!

Looking forward to: My doctors appointment this Thursday. Love hearing that little heartbeat! And hopefully getting a blood test done that will tell us if there are any abnormalities in the baby, as well as the sex!!

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