Willo Guest Bedrooms and Bath

Willo graced us with so much built in character and charm that we didn’t have to change much to keep it looking amazing! Yes, the rooms and especially bathrooms needed some TLC, but the bones were awesome.

For instance, this was the bathroom after we did some demo on it:
willo flip guest bath before

You see that pink tile everywhere? Ya, that had to go! But what was underneath it was like hitting the jackpot! Beautiful old brick that was full of charm! IMG_6640

We went ahead and took down all the tile, exposed all the brick, and replaced the floor.

IMG_6639 IMG_6650

The bathroom mirror is the original bathroom medicine cabinet, and we even left in the old heater! Its the little details of charm like this that we adore.


The bedrooms got a good overhaul as well. Here is how the started out after the flooring was ripped out:


And now:

Almeria-028 Almeria-024

There are a total of three bedrooms in this home, one Master and two guests.

Now all thats left is showing you the exterior transformation, and then Willo is finished and we are on to showing The Guest House! Can’t wait.


  1. AnnW says

    Do you do a lot of the demo yourselves even though it is the cheapest part of the whole flip? What do you source out? Electrical and plumbing? I was looking at the Gluch group website and your color palette makes your houses stand out from the rest. Mainly because you have soothing monochromatic choices, with no random “pops of color.” Your houses look very adult and professional.

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