Guest House Exterior


Oh the beauty of an exterior change to a home. It goes beyond curb appeal in my mind. Its the very first impression you can give your guests when they arrive. It is where you will hopefully spend a lot of time in {whether it be the front OR back yard- we happen to use both a lot!} The Guest House flip exterior definitely took a makeover in both the front and back yard, and I love how it turned out! Here is a Before in case you need a refresher:

IMG_9832 (1)
One of the main function changes that we made was turing the car port in to a full fledged garage. While us Arizona folk don’t have to deal with snow, we do deal with 120 degrees in summer, so having a nice shaded garage to keep your car in is golden! We also took out some shrubs, a half wall, and bushes. The exterior colors changed too- in order to be able to brighten up the home!


For the backyard, we did a giant overhaul! This is how is started:

IMG_3357 IMG_3356 IMG_3354

That little block wall and tree completely blocked the feeling of having a nice open back patio, and really just made the yard feel small. We immediately took that out and it made SUCH a difference.

8th-053 8th-058

We also made the patio all pavers which gives a much nicer feel than plain cement. And by adding the pendant lights, it will make such a beautiful spot to be able to entertain outside in! Imagine those big doors being open straight from the kitchen to outside here- a total indoor-outdoor experience!

8th-052 8th-056

The yard also has the actual Guest House in it, but that whole reno is for another day, as it was A HUGE makeover. Think half garage, half tool shed, turned in to beautiful and fully functioning guest house! Ill show you those details here soon!

We love when a homes exterior is just as happy and welcoming as the exterior, so I am glad this space carries that same sentiment. We hope this yard is one day filled with family and friends of the amazing owners, both front and back!

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