A New Vintage Sign


February was three years since we moved in to our current home. For three years now we have been saying that we need to get something on the walls {in our whole home} but especially in the kitchen. And guess what- we finallllyyy did it! I don’t know what it is about us, but we are seriously so hesitant when picking out things for our walls. I takes us forever, but when we do get something- we love it! And this vintage sign is total love.


We went to our friends garage sale this weekend and scored this really fun vintage sign there. Unfortunately we don’t know all the details on it, but it is for sure old. As in, had some nails sticking out of it when we got it that for sure had a million levels of rust. Don’t worry, Jeremy took them out right away:)

IMG_7058 IMG_7059

So now, the wall is no longer bare- and the sign looks so fun. Its awesome how large it is because we wanted something to fill that whole space. And guess what? $100 for a sign is about 10x better than anything we were looking at in stores. Score!

Find any great garage sale finds lately?

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