Boys Playroom Reveal!


Hey you know whats really fun? When you have every intention of finishing a room makeover in a month, and then it takes you like five. I guess thats what happens when you get pregnant and are sick for three months straight, your hubby works a lot {including some weekends}, and you have two crazy yet amazing kids! I swear, when I see these bloggers that tackle whole rooms in a weeks time, I am BLOWN away. That is not where we are at right now with our life, and thats ok.

So, five months later- we are done with the boys playroom! And it turned out so fun!! This room was basically storage for us until we started working on it. When we had Winston and needed to stop using his room for storing a bunch of tools and junk, we moved it all to the future playroom. Because isn’t that what everyone does? Shift junk around and around;) So this is what it looked like once we got it cleaned out:

IMG_6484 IMG_5607 IMG_5616

The room is large and kind of awkward with a little corner in it. We knew we wanted to utilize this space the best way we could, so we had to get creative. We also didn’t want to have to tear everything out, so we kept the built-ins, but enhanced them a ton.

For the built-ins we painted them, changed the hardware, covered the mirror to make an art display, and transformed the desk area. Even just the paint and hardware change had me smiling, its so amazing what a little paint can do.


For the desk area we added a pegboard and a bunch of containers so all his art supplies could be in one space. Bray LOVES sitting at this desk and working away, and I love peeking in on him!

A-1030 A-1017

We got to transform that random little corner in to something magical for the boys. We {cough cough- Jeremy} built a bench that has spots for organization, a comfy cushion, and its the perfect way to finish off that space.

A-1047 A-1007

The boys LOVE this bench! It is where they lounge to read books, watch a show, and of course rough-house as well. We decided to save ourselves some heartache and not put a ton of decor on the surrounding walls, because we know that it would be torn down from the boys bouncing around.

The amazingggg cabinet we have in the other part of the room is from a local shop called Vagabond Xchange. We got it at a previous Junk in the Trunk Market, and are just slightly obsessed with it! It holds almost all of their toys, with plenty of space up top to display some fun vintage pieces.


And while their play kitchen just seems so small compared to the cabinet, it doesn’t matter because Winston is in love with playing in his kitchen!


I am going to go over the art display, the art center, and the built-in bench more in other posts, but I couldn’t wait any longer to show y’all the room! We are so glad its done, and SO thankful to Home Depot for helping us accomplish it all.

-All ‘after’ photos done by Melissa Young Photography

We will be back soon with the rest of the details, but in the mean time…




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    I like it Adri, very good use of the space. I think that bench can double as a bed, at least while they are small, just throw a sleeping bag on it!

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