DIY Kids Pegboard Art Center

kids diy pegboard art center

On Monday we showed y’all the boys full playroom reveal, and I am so excited to show you today the DIY Pegboard Art Center.

Braylen has always been a lover of doing arts and crafts, so we knew that an art center was a definite need in the playroom. I try and keep him stocked up on a bunch of different art mediums so that he doesn’t get bored- so we also knew it needed some serious organization options. Our other goal was to have it be within his reach {at least when he gets up on the counter}, but for the most part out of Winstons reach. All we need is Winston to sneak off to the playroom and start painting the whole room;)

My final thought was that I wanted the space to be able to transition when the boys are older. I hope that all our kids will always love arts and crafts, but if not- the space needs to transition back in to more of a desk-computer area. So by doing the back as a peg board, it will totally be able to be utilized however we want!

This is how the area started:
IMG_5613 IMG_5608

We took away the old shelving, sanded down and sealed the counters, smoothed out the sides, and painted it all! Then came the pegboard. In order for the pegboard to work, you have to be able to insert a hook in, and turn it to hang properly, so there has to be space behind the actual pegboard. To make that happen we added a couple pieces of wood behind it, and that also made it super secure.


We had Home Depot cut the pegboard to size, and nailed it up. But once we got it up, we realized that there was just something missing. So later on, we added trim pieces


And here it is now:

A-1016 A-1017


We got all but one of the storage supplies from Home Depot and spray painted them gold to match the built-ins hardware. We got the four white buckets from the Container Store. Those are perfect for holding the tacks that I use to display the artwork, and the million and one extra buttons we have for him. We used a dowel at top to hang a roll of white paper, as well as a few rolls of Washi tape. The paper holder on the side is from Target, and again we simply spray painted it to match the rest. The light above is a score from Target as well.


I know as Winston gets older he will love this space, but for now- its Brays domain. He loves working in here, whether it be painting, coloring, doing stickers, gluing pompoms, whatever! Its his space to create- and it makes me SO happy!

A-1030 A-1032

Next week i’ll show you what we did for the art display area. I hope you guys like the art center! All in all the whole pegboard art center cost us under $40! So if you were on the fence on doing this in your home, stop debating and just do it!

-All ‘after’ photos by Melissa Young Photography

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