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So we finally did it, we put Marble in our home.

Yes, yes, I know. Everyone loves the look of Marble. And so do we! BUT we have always been terrified to add it anywhere in our home for fear of ruining it in two seconds. You see, I am in the kitchen what feels like all day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner…I am the chef;) And I am a messy one at that. I have a cutting board that I use maybe 1/2 the time. The rest is straight on the counter. So you see why I would never want to have Marble in there.

We did put Marble in the new bathrooms and it is beautiful. Its all I ever dreamed of as a matter of fact! We went with a beautiful bright white Marble and it is so dreamy. We were loving it so much, that of course on day four of being back in the house from Flagstaff, Bray got permanent marker on it.

Thats what we get right?! For waiting for so long to put something beautiful in, to only have it partially ruined four days in. Ha! And the weirdest part for me was that right when I saw the marker, I freaked and wanted to get to scrubbing it away ASAP. I then stopped immediately because I know that you can totally damage Marble by cleaning and caring for it wrong.

SO heres where I need your help. For those of you that have Marble, how do you care for it? What do I need to know?? What are the big no-no’s? And how often/what do we need to do to keep it looking beautiful and new?


  1. Becky says

    I have marble in my shower, and we had a company come out and seal it. They actually do a light sanding and then sealed it. We were also instructed by the marble company that hard water in the enemy, so we ended up getting a water softener recently as well to keep it from turning colors. It is possible that marble can turn colors (browns and some yellows) if not protected.

    We have our re-sealed every 2-3 years, and it is around $275 per visit.

    I do use a cap full or so of bleach mixed with warm water to clean the marble with a washcloth, and a toothbrush to get to some of the grout, and the marble is fine, but you shouldn’t use too much bleach. Anything with acid (no lemon oils for you), will completely strip it and ruin it entirely.

    We also use this squeegee to wipe down the marble and our glass enclosure after EVERY use It was a pain at first, but now it is just a habit. This is the best squeegee on the market, and I have tried like 6 of them! It is hard to find in the stores, so I just order it on Amazon.

    Hopefully this helps!

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