Kid Proof New {Vintage} Chairs!

Can I get a hallelujah, can I get an amen?? {if you can say that without singing it, I don’t know if we can be friends!}

vintage chairs 3

You guys- we got the most beautiful new chairs everrrrr for our Family Room last week, and I am so in love with them. We haven’t had chairs in this room in a long time. We still have our beautiful and large Chesterfield sofa and it provides so much seating that we haven’t felt the urgency to simply fill the space with a ‘decent’ pair of chairs. We moved the chairs we had in our Living Room in here for awhile seeing if we liked them there, and while they were ok in the space- they weren’t made for kids daily use. The kids would try and sit on the leather strap arms, bonk their heads on the hard metal ends, etc.

vintage chairs

So out those went, and we just did without chairs for awhile, until two weeks ago when Jeremy texted me a picture of these beauties from Modern Manor They didn’t have any cushions when we got them, so we had some made. And while leather technically would hold up better with kids, I didn’t want to over-do it since the Chesterfield is so much leather already.

vintage chairs 2

We had the cushions done in a dark grey tweed fabric, which we already know holds up pretty well to kids, since that was what our last sofa was made of. They are super comfy, and stupid good looking!

vintage wrought iron chairs

My two favorite things about them:

-They are so good looking! The brass colored wrought iron is such a perfect compliment to our hardware on our DIY built-ins!

-They are super kid proof. Even though the chair is made of all wrought iron, there are no hard points on it, so no worries of serious head injuries;) The fabric of the cushions is super forgiving as well!

I am so happy we waited till we found the right fit for this room. I always tell people, unless it is something that you absolutely can’t live without {like a sofa, dining table,etc} just wait till you find something that makes you SO happy. No sense in rushing out and getting decent stuff just to fill a space.

Do you all take that same approach or is it just us?


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