Our Own TV Show

Want in on a long time secret?

Almost two years ago {WHERE does the time go?!} we were approached by a company for a TV show. We had been approached multiple times before, and started and stopped the process a bunch. This time was different though because we had made it through initial cuts and they asked us to submit a sizzle deal.

We had a production company come out and film us for 12 hours at one of our flips. It was a really interesting experience. It gave me a whole lot more appreciation for those who do shows. That day was so fun but also SO draining, and I couldn’t imagine doing it over and over again to get an episode filmed!

Ultimately HGTV execs decided against using us. For a split second I was bummed, but ultimately I knew that it wasn’t a right fit for us. It would have taken up SO much of our time, and we are already super busy- so I don’t know what would have had to ‘give’ in order for it to happen.

But, we are finally able to share the Sizzle reel that was made. Its pretty fun being able to look back on this!


I guess we will just have to keep on watching people make magic on TV, from our comfy couches- in PJs…and I am justttt fine with that:)

 To see the home all completed- go HERE!


  1. Vanessa says

    Very nice Adri and Jeremy! If you still want that in the future it should be there for you to go back to. I do think that fame is a powerful force that, while alluring, can be unpleasant too. Still, it’s fun to think about.

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