About Us

I am your new blog friend Adri, well hopefully we are now friends.   I am married to Jeremy and we are warmly referred to by our friends as the Lentines.  We are madly in love with each other, and living in Phoenix, Arizona.  In May of 2012 we welcomed our sweet baby boy, Braylen Boots, to the bunch. Then in June of 2014, precious Winston Kennedy joined in! And now we are totally complete by adding our sweet Georgia Mae in  September 2016!

We love attempting DIY projects, sometimes we are successful…. sometimes not so much. In April of 2009 we purchased our first home.  It was an adorable ranch home in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona that was built in 1952.  We slowly brought it back to life, one room at a time.  We love moulding way too much, and it showed as we installed trim everywhere possible.  Once we did all that we could to that home, we decided it was time to move on to an even bigger project, so in late 2012 we purchased our new home.  Another 1950’s home in need of a ton of love, just the way we like it!

In 2014 we made a big change in our lives and decided to leave the corporate world, and start helping people find and create their dream homes. We spend our days now searching for, and designing flips in the greater Phoenix area. It’s crazy to think that buying our first house would put us on this journey, but we couldn’t feel more blessed!

We are what our friends and family call “cheap”, but we like to think of us as the “2 budgeteers” {Jeremy made me write that-how embarrassing}.  We rarely ever buy anything at full price or new, because usually the vintage form is better.  We make a lot of mistakes along the way- and are not afraid to admit them all. We put our ideas into what we call our Dream Book. We have the same style, but lets be honest- Jeremy is the real talent here:).  


All above images Melissa Young Photo

Be sure to keep checking back to see more projects, and more details of how we do all of our makeovers!