Kitchen Demo Day 1: PART TWO

So I already showed you the boys taking off the counters and pulling out our white kitchen cabinet {that we bought from Craigslist, and fixed up here and here}, but there was so much more done that day. They did two more huge things: one being tearing some walls down.

We started by doing a fabulous HORRIFIC job of putting tarp on the walls to try to keep the dust inside the kitchen and not all over the entire house. Well, it didn’t work, at all. I apparently am a complete dummy when it comes to using tarp. There was/is/will be for a very long time, a serious, serious layer of dust on everything. every room.every inch! Moving on…lets stay positive here- oh wait- how can I when I see this:

After taking a quick swipe at the wood with a rag.

This is the progress the boys made on the walls in just that day {meanwhile doing another HUGE project as well, which i’ll share later this week}.

After a little banging on the wall
After a lot of banging on the wall:)
This was my favorite shot of the day:

Next time i’ll show you the floors, and tell y’all about a seriously useful machine that you must rent if you’re DIY floor demo.



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    I second Kasey’s comment! The looks of it is kinda scary but I’m sure it’s going to turn out absolutely fabulous! Can’t wait to see 🙂

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    Thanks for the encouragement guys!! It’s been intense over here… BUT so far things are going so smoothly and SO fast! And yes Michelle- the dust FOR SURE travels through the vents! Ugh!

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