White Subway Tile Backsplash

So I just realized as I am writing all these posts on the kitchen inspiration, that I just might as well move to NYC. I mean, I am in love with subway tile, exposed brick, character, etc…doesn’t NYC offer all of these?! Oh wait- I just remembered that we would be able to afford an apartment the size of an freaking shoe box. Bummer. Big, big bummer. Moving on.

For the backsplash we are for sure doing white subway tile. I am so stoked about it! The clean lines, the shiny look of it, the way it makes walls look taller, the fact that its uber easy to clean, and most of all- its cheap! Woohoo- we love deals:)

Above images Cococozy

Hi beautiful, can I steal your open shelving and beam in the ceiling? I can?! Oh thank you!

Above images House Beautiful

In the first one I obviously am in love with the freaking marble countertops {UHG- they get me every-time! But no, they are not practical for someone who actually cooks a lot, I get it- I get it!} And those glass cabinets, swoon worthy! Bottom photo: Everything: hardware, glass cabinet, vintage style stove..obsessed with it all!

Anyway loved ones, thats what were doing. We can’t wait to have that crisp clean look for a backsplash-ESPECIALLY since we didn’t have any backsplash before the makeover!!

This is how our backsplash turned out:
To see how our full rundown of how we remodeled our kitchen, go here!
And then we did it again! We moved in to another 1950′s home that needed a serious kitchen renovation, so we DIYd the white subway tile backsplash. We used Bondera instead of Thinset and it made the process SO much easier. See the full tutorial here. IMG_9450


  1. says

    pretty sure every single one of your ideas is what i would have in my ideal kitchen. seriously…even down to me thinking NYC would fit my tastes better…minus the shoe box size! can’t wait to see what you and jeremy do! just more inspiration for me!

  2. Ashley J says

    I’m with you Adrienne! I fell in love with the buildings when I lived in NYC for a year, and now that I’ve moved back west (LA), it is near impossible to find any apartment buildings to live in that have any character. Although LIVING in New York is dreadful for any arizona girl, so looks like you’re creating the best of both worlds : D

  3. Anonymous says

    Couldn’t agree more with everything that you said. Although living in Belgrade (Serbia) I am absolutely in love with subway tiles and everything that you count as the “New York” style (dark wooden floors, naked-brick walls, big windows) …Currently I am renovating one “shoe box” studio here and of course I will use subway tiles where ever possible ;) The only thing that doesn’t go along with it here is the fact that they are super expensive here…
    Thanks for posting – very useful. depending on the choice they completely change the look of the place. However, I am in the group that thinks that you should always match them as close as possible with the color of the tile and clean them regularly after ;)
    btw – Your kitchen looks great

  4. Anonymous says

    Hey! I have been enjoying your blog so much tonight! It looks like a year ago you were in the exact same place I am! (We are about to tackle our kitchen renovation). So I was curious where this granite heaven is that you are shopping?

    I have only been in places like lowes and home depot and would love to know if there is a more budget friendly option…

    Also, I just posted a blog asking for advice on our kitchen. Since I see you did yours right, would you offer your opinion?? I would love it so much!

    Thank you and thank you for all the kitchen reno tips!



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