Kitchen Makeover: Part 482, THE END

Once upon a time there was a yellow house that longed to have an open-airy country 
kitchen, but at the same time have the makings of a chic city loft. It started as a galley 
kitchen, with the counters being the same tile as the floor {very chic, right?!}. It also 
had a horribly stained white sink, an all too small pantry area, and only one oven. This kitchen was screaming for a makeover, and luckily one day, we were blessed to be able to do just that- MAKE IT OVER!

It all started with this:

We then did a whole lot of paint work, smoothing of walls, and adding trim to make it look like this:
And then we had a vision to make it this {minus the: yellow, ugly table, missing brick, and cabinets on the wrong side of the island}, with the help of Lowes room planner

So without further ado, here is the beauty all {well, almost all} finished:
Looks quite a bit like the vision, huh? We are beyond thrilled with how everything turned out. It has been quite the journey, with everything from:
The biggest change we made was knocking down a wall and moving the laundry room to the other side of the ‘now’ brick wall. The character of the brick wall, off-set by the elegance of the chandelier, is what your eyes are drawn to instantly when you walk in the house. BAM!

Above images Melissa Young Photo

Looking straight ahead here, this was the area of our old laundry room. It now is a
great place where large groups of friends and family can hang out freely, relax, and enjoy some good food. It also is the area we chose to hang our DIY driftwood art we made. I love sitting on the bench {keep in mind- we got this baby for $20 from a garage sale} and drinking my coffee in the mornings, it has a certain coffee shop feel, yet my coffee costs me $.10 instead of $4 {no offense coffee shop owners/frequenters}.

Above images Melissa Young Photo
We finally got to put one of my our dreams into action by creating an island for the kitchen. I love the open flow it allows throughout, and the fact that even with six people in there at the same time, it still feels open {which was so not the case with the previous galley kitchen}. Also, it allows me to have tons of counter space on the sides and in front of the stove, which is great for all my prep work. One added benefit that J and I didn’t really even think we would love so much, is the ability to eat at the island. It is incredibly convenient now, and will only continue to get more once we add to the group { you know, kids, not more dogs..!}
Melissa Young Photo
As for the granite countertops, we ended up going with the much cheaper budget-friendly option of Bianca, and couldn’t be more pleased. Read about our process of the counters here, and even more on that to come. 
My ‘baby’ of the kitchen is the beloved farmhouse sink we got from Home Depot. It has been a dream to work with, making washing dishes actually {almost} enjoyable. To make the sink even more dreamy we added this awesome faucet, also from Home Depot. The backsplash we chose was the classic white subway tile. We used the classic white grout from Home Depot for the grout. Super easy on the eyes, and the hands for cleaning:)
I spend many-a hours here slaving away with dishes..but I love it
Melissa Young Photo
Next you move into the brand new pantry area. This is how it looked prior to the makeover:
Here is the new and improved view:
In the pantry we added an oven and microwave wall unit, additional cabinets, along with an additional counter space that we will eventually add open shelving above {showing now because I knew you guys were tired of me being such a tease}. There will be much more about the pantry in later posts. For now, were asking for some serious advice. 
We hate the boobie lights. Hate them. If you don’t know what a boobie light looks like, see the arrow above, or ask your mom and dad {I kid, I kid}. But seriously, we hate it, and still have the same dilemma in the new pantry area. Ideas, suggestions, haters of boobie lights? Theres not enough room for can lights, and we i’m not allowed can’t have any more chandeliers.

Melissa Young Photo
On the opposite wall of the cabinets is the new laundry room. 
One of the only things we were sad to see go was the french doors. We simply couldn’t keep them if we wanted the laundry room to be relocated, and the pantry to be functional. Bummer, huh?! But we still have a single door that lets plenty of light in.
We were super excited to be able to carry the hardwood throughout the whole kitchen and pantry now, which leaves only the bathrooms and the laundry room woodless. Hopefully we will have a full wood floor installing tutorial coming soon {done by our amazing floor guy Steve}, and if not, at least a basic tutorial with photos {done by yours truly<3}. Its humorous to think that this whole makeover stemmed from our hardwood floors being discontinued, which got us in a panic thinking "CRAP, what if we ever want to do a kitchen makeover and they are out of the same wood..what then?" Dun dun dun...
We are loving all the little details we have already added, and obviously there are many more to come. For instance, we still direly need a rug for under the sink, and under the miners cart {from Modern Manor-duh!}. We will be continually adding things as we go, and will keep you posted.
Thanks so much for following along throughout the process! We truly couldn’t have done it {at least with a smile} without y’all and your positive and encouraging feedback. I’ll leave you know with a shot from our dining room {with the ever so loved card catalog} into the kitchen. Be sure to let us know what you think, good and bad, mostly good though, , i’m a sensitive one folks!
Above images Melissa Young Photo
PS I linked the kitchen makeover up with my favorite parties:)


  1. says

    how bout some type of lantern for a light is so many out there that i think would be perfect for this area…..btw the boxer is perfect in this new kitchen i hope you and your hubby have many many happy years enjoying a great design…Chris

  2. says

    WOW!! This is absolutely stunning – you guys have done an amazing job! We are about to start our kitchen reno & this is incredibly inspiring! Thakns for sharing.
    Mrs BC

  3. says

    Wow girl I knew after the first few updates it was going to be awesome by DAMN. DAMN. DAMN. Its FREAKING AWESOME but you know that.

    I’m going to be featuring you next week – I’ll send you an email once the post it up.


    Rach @ Mrs-Adventure

  4. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe how amazing it turned out!!! Seriously, stunning! I love the flow and home-y-ness to it. Your mini coffee shop will be the perfect get together spot! I seriously looooove it!!!

  5. says

    OH MY!!!! You two are amazing. This is gorgeous. So incredibly impressive. Lots of drool going on over here – and for once, it’s not coming from the Bulldogs.

  6. says

    That brick wall…swoon and those stools more swooning and drooling. Gorgeous job and I’m with Chris, how about a great lantern. I actually found a used outdoor lantern at a garage sale for $3 and hung it in my living room. After some research, I found it online for over $300! Anyway, whatever you end up with will surely be gorgeous.

  7. Anonymous says

    You guys did a very nice job! As a kitchen designer I would higly suggest you get some support under you island bar! 9″ is the max overhang on granite without support. Hopefully that is one of your finish up projects=)

  8. says

    I am not sure what I love more…your $20 bench? WHAT? Or the amazing Island that makes your space look so LARGE! I love love love it! its perfect. Good work Lenitines. And I feel like it didn’t take all that long!

  9. says

    It is STUNNING! So beautiful! Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?! I am curious about the floors – you have two big dogs, so how do they hold up with scratches, dings, etc? We are planning to re-do our floors sometime soon and are considering that hand scraped look (probably more forgiving if you have a big dog, which we do).

  10. says

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Your words are bringing the biggest smile ever to my face!! Were so happy you guys like it as much as we do! Thanks for the advice on lights, were looking in to some different options-trying to stay away from the boobie look:) Although, we unfortunately we cant do lanterns {or anything that hangs that much} because of the ceilings height. Bummer huh!
    @Tellerallaboutit: The floors hold up pretty well. As to be expected we definitely get scratches in them, but I honestly dont know if its more from the dogs, or more from us moving furniture {when we dont have the moving pads on them}. Thats exactly why we went with the ‘hand scraped’ wood in the first place though, that way we didnt freak out over every little scratch! Good luck- you will love them!
    @Annonoymous- we were originally going to do some supports, but our installation company put steel rods underneath that give enough support! Thanks for looking out though!


    • says

      Could you elaborate a bit on your floor? It’s stunning. You mentioned it was discontinued, such a tragedy. Did you install it yourself or have it done? Was it prefinished/stained? What type of wood did you go with? We’re buying a fixer upper and I’d love to do something similar to my floors.

  11. says

    Wow, that is an unbelievable transformation! You guys have amazing taste. My sister just happened to walk by when I was looking at the pictures and she thought it was out of a magazine. Seriously good stuff. You two should get into reno-ing houses; not just your own. 😉

  12. says

    It looks so amaaing! I am so impressed, this place has the perfect mix of country and city! Definitely looks much more chic than Phoenix ( although I love my home) You all deserve a big pat on the back!

    <3 Kat @ indignantcorgi

  13. Kristina says

    I love the additional seating area in the kitchen–not to mention all of the one-of-a-kind looking pieces! I know that you list some stores in AZ that you like, but do you have any favorite websites for home shopping? Unfortunately I’m clear across the country in NJ! Thanks and congrats on the beautiful reno.!

  14. says

    Love it! Love the dark floors, farm sink, subway tile and white cabinets! That chandelier is great too. I am arguing with my husband about one for our bathroom.

    The sitting area in the kitchen is totally awesome! Easy to gather in the kitchen or brag a coffee and read a book!

    I think we are using the exact same corner pieces in our crown molding!

  15. says

    Wow! To be honest I wasn’t sure if I liked the design on the Lowe’s room planner. HOWEVER. It is nothing short of amazing. LOVE the dark hand scraped wood and farmhouse kitchen sink. I just purchased a miner’s/factory car like the one you have. Did you leave in original state or refinish? I can’t tell.

  16. says

    I love love love it. You did a great job! I have boobie colored boobie lights in almost EVERY ROOM in the house. EVERY ROOM. Did you get that practically every room has one? It’s devastating. I love the fact that I found someone else who calls them boobie lamps! Would it be too much to do one of those lights with a rack for hanging pots–all vintagesk? Or maybe you can do a non chandy pendant light like

    Or your other options are track lighting and one of these big modern light balls…

  17. says

    Tasha: We have not refinished the miners cart yet, but we do plan to spray it with a coat of poly in the next couple weeks…..hopefully. That is the only thing that we are going to do to it.

  18. says

    I’m new to your blog – found through BNOP. Your kitchen looks amazing! The brick wall adds so much character and I love that used a chandelier in there. Love the mix of old & new!

  19. says

    Rene- thank you ! We adore the brick wall!
    Cape on the corner- I know. I still can’t believe we got it for only $20!!
    Michelle- deal, ill do your kitchen and you help make me more ‘crafty’! haha
    Tammy- thank you! I just became your newest follower, and linked up the kitchen!
    Jane- you are too cute! Thanks so much! No, you cannot have them…BUT we got them at a store called Modern Manor and they sell stuff similar to them all the time! You should check it out!


  20. says


    Remodeling is purgatory…really. We’ve been thru a basement and kitchen/dining room in the past 4 years…I feel ya…

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday! I hope to see you back this week {party opens on Wed night @ 8pm CST}

  21. says

    The finished product is absolutely beautiful. JOB WELL DONE!

    What is the paint colour?? I had a good read and followed the links to the progress posts and I can’t seem to find it.

    It looks very similar to a shade I used in my last house that I’m considering using again. Is it more beige/taupe/gray??

    If you have a moment to write me and let me know the paint colour I would really appreciate it.


  22. Anonymous says


    We redid our early sixties avocado and grime kitchen ouirselves almost 4 years ago and still have bits to finish or rethink. Still, I love it every day as I’m sure you will too!

    Where did you find the stools with backs? They are fabulous but not nearly as perfect as the bench!!!

    We used a huge buffet as our island with giant carvings of the Man of the North Wind at each corner. Some people think we are crazy but not everybody wants to live in a cookie cutter house.

    Great work!!! Sally J

  23. says

    Hopeless Chest- thanks for pointing it out to me that I needed to be more clear on what we went with. We used Benjamin Moores Stonington Grey, but put it in a Behr Ultra Premium Plus eggshell base, because we always use Behr. im glad you like it:)
    Sally J- thanks so much! its nice to know that people understand the process you have to go through, right?! We got the stools and miners cart at Modern Manor here in Phoenix. They are an amazing midcentury modern furniture store!

    Thank you everyone for your kind words! Y’all make my day, everyday!


  24. says

    I became a follower a few weeks ago- I can’t remember how I found your blog but I LOVE the way your kitchen turned out! My favorite thing is that darling little couch!! We gutted & remodeled our kitchen, we are still working on a few little details, I want to share it on my blog but it seems a little overwhelming to go through it all again 🙂

  25. says

    Thanks for clearing up about that little section of the wall. I’m getting ready to have a small section (similar to yours) between living/dining rooms. I am leaving the header as is. I completely understand budget … oh if only money did grow on trees.

    Love love your redo.

  26. carrie archer says

    Hi Adrianne. I love your blog and I adore your kitchen. We have a kitchen remodel in our future and it so daunting. We are also on a limited budget and it can be very frustrating. I’m so impressed by your finished product and all your choices. I know it’s rude to ask this and you don’t have to answer but do you mind sharing how much you spent? I would just like to know what is possible! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home and great ideas!!! -Carrie

  27. says

    HAHAHAHa, I am so glad that someone else Calls those lights exactly as they see them “boobie lights”!!! Every time I tell someone that I hate boobie lights, I get a look of shock. P.S. gorgeous renovations!!! I will gather inspiration here in the future too. 🙂

  28. says

    I hate boob lights too. Since you live in such a hot climate, what about a fan? I bought an amazing one online for my kitchen with a light on it. Everyone comments at how gorgeous it is. There are really neat new ones out there. That is what I would do.

  29. says

    Hi…I am new to your blog (and LOVE it by the way) but wanted to share a VERY cool lighting source with you. Not sure if you already settled on lighting for those areas that you hated before (the boobie lights specifically – LOL) but this place ( has some amazing finds that go well with your modern-meshed-with-rustic-vintage vibe! Check them out. Some of the barn pendants/modern pendants are pretty amazing!!

    I added you to the side bar of my blog so I can continue to follow along with what you guys do! I am in awe of your home!! STUNNING!!


  30. says

    i don’t usually comment on blogs, but i had to on yours. i stumbled across your blog from miss mustard seed’s link party and saw you fabulous kitchen. the best part? we recently renovated our kitchen and chose SO many of the same things. same granite, sink, faucet, hardware, etc, very similar looking appliances. crazy! by default, you have great taste! 🙂
    briana @

  31. says

    Lovely work. Your kitchen looks great! I have a question: I noticed that first you just cut out a portion of the wall, and then you decided to demo the whole wall and put in an island. I am thinking about the same thing in my kitchen, but I hear that demolishing an entire wall is WAY more expensive than cutouts. Has this been true in your experience? Please reply back at

  32. says

    Tasha- the table is in its original state, we just recently sealed it!
    Briana- that is so random! I love that we have similar taste, it means it must be good:):)
    Ngozi- demoing the whole wall was definitely more expensive, but for what we wanted it was the only option. The demo itself wasnt the main cost, it was more so the putting in gas lines. Hope this helps! I do vote though that if an island is REALLY what your wanting, do it. You dont want to re-do your kitchen, and always wish that it was done differently is you just spent a little more, ya know?


  33. Beth says

    I too am in awe of your home. So far the only thing I have anywhere similar is the coffee maker. You guys are amazing!

    • says

      Thanks Marvin the Martian and Allison!
      We ended up going with white grout since we were a little scared that it could’ve clashed with our counter tops. Now that its done, I think it could’ve been great either way though! Hope that helps:)

  34. says

    I’m wondering the same thing as Marvin the Martian. We’re just getting ready to do white subway tile in out kitchen as well and I’m trying to pick the grout color. Thanks!! (Love your kitchen!)

  35. Alkababba says

    I realize im a bit late here but if by any chance you still check in here i just wanted to say how beautiful and inspiring this makeover was for me. I stumbled accross it whilst googling “white subway tile, grey grout” and im glad i did. Im not sure what we will go with. The white looks stunning, but im having a bevelled tile and thought grey grout would make it pop a bit more (at $65 a square metre we want all the emphasis on those tiles as we can get).

    I too love the way you have so many different textures and one of a kind pieces in the overall area. What i wouldnt do to cook in that space. Its breath taking.


  36. says

    This is really incredible! I am actually out of words for this. However, just for the sake of praising your work, I would say you really did transform your house into a wonderful home. I am pleased to see how good everything turned out to be. I would love to have such a place like this. This is really an inspiration. Thank you for posting! Congratulations!

  37. says

    I know I’m a little late to the party but was wondering what time of Bianco countertop you choose? It looks more tan then previous pictures to be Montanha? Ran across your blog as we are trying to decide between River White & Bainco Montanha ourselves. Thanks!

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