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I know I am totally going to kick myself the second I put these up, because knowing J and I- something will be different by tomorrow. I had my lovely best friend Melissa Young come take some updated photos of the kitchen, dining room, and family room. To say that she is talented is an understatement. All the photos in here are taken by her, other than the terrible ‘when we first moved in’ shots, courtesy of our iPhones:) The main changes are the kitchen {obviously…} and paint color, with little differences sprinkled here and there. 

Here are the updated shots {with some before shots to compare} of the family room:

When we first moved in.
Feels like home right?!
After adding hardwood, trim, fireplace, and details.


 To see a full breakdown of the changes we did in this room, go here.

Up next, the Dining Room. Not too much has changed in here, and more change is for sure to come. The tan rug needs to go ASAP {doesn’t match the grey well, and the dogs tore up some thread..gotta love ’em!} and i’ve been day dreaming of a different table in here as well. I know, i’m crazy!

Initial shot, first makeover, and now current:

When we first moved in.
After adding trim, hardwood, and details.

To see a full breakdown of what we did in the Dining Room, go here.

Finally, the Kitchen. I freaking love the kitchen.

When we first moved in.
You know you love the {floor} tile countertops!
After some work on the trim and floor.


To see a full breakdown of what we did in the kitchen, go here.

We change things up in the house so often, so I am going to try and be better about updating the Hour Tour shots. I hope that this inspires some of you to be able to look way beyond what you initially see in a home. When we first moved in we had a rough vision of what we wanted to do, let the ideas marinate {can you tell its dinner time and i’m hungry, i’m using words like marinate on the blog..} and then went to work. Doing most of it yourself is always so much more satisfying too. Sometimes I wish J was a plumber and an electrician instead of his business job, that way we could have done the whole kitchen ourselves too! Check back tomorrow for another update of what the 1930’s doors turned out like, I had totally forgotten to post about them until a reader was like “whats up woman!” Oops! Thanks for keeping me on my toes:)



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    Found your site today and LOVE it. We are about to redue our kitchen and looking of inspiration etc. to make sure we have everything we need. But when i found your site i just spent over an hour on it and could not stop. You have the same taste as i do, so one thing after the other just came up. . .Anyways just wanted to say great blog!

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    Amazing! Can I tell you how much I love your house. I love the rustic pieces mixed into the modern. I’ve been wanting to feature you. We get so caught up in buying sets of things, I love how you’ve done the opposite. Beautiful home.

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