Gallery Wall Reveal

Yesterday we showed you how we put together a gallery wall {here}, and here she is: {side note- I realize that I make every project, item, etc. into a boy or girl, hope i’m being fair about how many girls as opposed to guys I have going on!}

The only bad thing about trying to photograph this wall is:

  1. I’m a terrible photographer
  2. It’s physically impossible to be able to get a straight shot of the full wall
  3. I guess thats two reasons, but both are valid!
I can’t decide on what my favorite part of the wall is, but I think the fish-eye mirror is a close winner!
You ready for the best part of the project? The whole wall cost us about $50 {most of which went to the fisheye mirror and the vintage frame that has the three smaller photos in it}. That includes all the frames, paint, mirrors, printing of photos..EVERYTHING! I think we did pretty good! All of the frames and mirrors were either from Savers, Goodwill, estate sales, or auctions. Its the way to go people!
What do you think? Does it motivate you to do your own? I hope so! And if you do, share your link so we can all check it out!

PS- I linked this up with my favorite parties!


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    Looks great! Thank you for the inspiration for my hallway. What is on the opposite wall, if there is one? Just curious, b/c my hall is two-sided and I am having a hard time with it. Thanks!

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    Thanks guys!! if you haven’t done this, and are debating- just go for it! its easy and fun!
    Lauren- girl- you do not need help!!!! you are moreeee than fine on your own:)
    Paige- the other wall is super tiny because there is a door on it, so nothing other than a light. I would have loved if the hallway was wider, and we had more space on the other wall. Frames on both sides looks great I think. Good luck friend!
    Jen- THANK you so much for sharing that. You are awesome!
    Mrs. R- thanks! Its all in our kitchen, go check it out. We are obsessed with it!!
    Highheels- definitiely so good for a nursery. Photos of you and your hubby as babies, your baby, etc. Ugh- i wish!! hah!

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    Wow, I came over from Allison’s and love what you have done!

    The fish eye mirror is so cool!

    Art by Karena

    Come and enter my New Giveaway from Serena & Lily! You will love it!

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    I love it! I will definately be using your wall as inspiration for my own. I had been back and forth on to paint my frames black or white…you sold me on all white!

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    Love the gallery wall and all the white frames. I love how you painted your federal style mirror white, too. I have one and now it makes me want to paint it. Decisions, decisions! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful work!

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    Wow! Your gallery wall looks fabulous! I’m your newest follower. Wondering if you could share the color of the paint (on the wall). It’s beautiful. I’m dying to know because I’m trying to find the right color for my entryway and had something like this in mind. Could I ask you, pretty please, to drop me a comment at my blog with the name of the color? Thanks!


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