New Shoe Holder

Sticking with the theme of showing the details of our master bedroom makeover {which I’ll show the whole thing here this week} I wanted to show y’all a fun little switch-a-roo we did. We always are trying to ‘make do’ with stuff that we already have, if we can. This vintage postoffice box originally was put in the office, but is now my new shoe holder. 
I love using it for this for many reasons! One, have you ever seen a more fun and random shoe holder, ever?! Two, it made me get rid of some shoes that I didn’t need anymore because of the limited space. I can fit {depending on the shoe} up to three pairs in some of the cubbies. Three, it takes up so much less space than my old shoe holder!

Do you guys like it? I seriously love it! Do you use a normal shoe holder for your shoes? Nothing at all, or something crazy? Let me hear it.


  1. says

    that’s such a great idea! …and so chic! I really have only ever just put my shoes on the closet floor…in rows…but this idea is much, much better and totally beats the socks off those behind the door hanging shoe racks!!!

  2. Louise says

    I seriously love it also! Serisouly! And I never say seriously in real life, so you know I really do love it!:)

  3. says

    Bird and tree- OMG I hate those hanging behind the doors ones. I have owned one too many myself!

    Louise- I seriously love you and your positive comments:):)

    Dacia- good luck! Hope you find something good!

  4. says

    I turned my linen closet into my shoe closet so that they are displayed easily on shelves vs. taking up space in closet in the hanging shoe towers, and now I keep my towels in cute wine crates!

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