DIY Fall Scarf: And Ways To Tie It

It turned fall overnight here in Phoenix and I couldn’t be more happy. It was so beautiful, and chilly, and rainy yesterday, that it inspired me to make a scarf. I wanted to make one that could be super multi wearing. I have a love for infinity scarves, but sometimes they make me feel like I can only do a few styles with them. This scarf needed to have a simple cut inorder for me to do with it what I wanted. I went to SAS and got 2 yards of this fabric for only $3! I love the grey and white together, and I love stripes even more, so it was a homerun in the fabric department.

To cut out the scarf I made it as incredibly easy as it can be. I took an infinity scarf that I liked the width of, and used that as my guide for this scarf.

I think it is so fun to be able to tie scarves in a million and one ways, or 37 ways like this site does!
I’ll show you a few of my most favorite ways here:

The double loop is my most favorite way. And a fun way to change out the look is by adding a flower pin {or the extra easy way of adding a hair piece flower!}

In order to make a normal cut scarf turn into an infinity scarf you simply tie a knot in the back. If you have long enough hair, then you can cover the knot quite easily, but if not, not worries. The knot can ‘add character’, as J calls it:)

Up next, the pull through knot:

Simple yet fun one, the loop pull:

Now, the loose wrap, self explanatory:

Aside from the double loop, this is definitely one of my favorite ways to wear a scarf. I got the inspiration from a fashion blog I am slightly obsessed with {one day I pray I can look 1/2 as cute as she does pregnant!}
Thank you Jesus that it is cold enough for scarves, hot chocolate, pumpkin lattes, sweaters, and boots. Those are my requirements for a happy fall. Whats yours?!
Ps- I feel super awkward that this post has so many photos of me, but I didn’t know how to showcase the scarf without doing that. I seriously considered cropping out my head in each photo, but then thought that might look a little creepy too! Haha. I promise I don’t always take a million photos of me smiling with scarves, just today friends!


  1. Louise says

    Wish I looked good in a scarf! That might sound odd, WHO doesn’t look good in s scarf? Me, that’s who, Things high up around my neck just don’t suit my face shape, or SOMETHING, never quite figured it out, but my face shape looks soooo much better when you can see my neck . .. I don’t do turtle necks or any kind of top with a high neck at all. I need a v or a scoop, I shall just have to admire others being all stylish, and even more ridiculously stylish when you make the scarf yourself!

  2. says

    You are a very pretty girl, and you have modeled the different ways to wear a scarf very well, don’t feel shy about it.
    I love all of the ways, some i had not heard of, thank you for doing this. I found your blog over at Rhoda’s blog and I LOVE your style, it is SO gorgeous!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. sarah says

    Very cute! And I love your shirt! Can I ask where you found it?
    Just found your blog and am enjoying it a lot. Really like how you all did you kitchen- so clean-

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