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In case you haven’t heard, i’m pregnant..and getting bigger by the freaking day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way my body is changing, its pretty mind blowing waking up every morning and seeing that my belly button is just a little bit further out than it was the day before. I love that I am physically growing a life inside of me, its so surreal. But along with all those fun things, as your body changes, your clothes change too. I am just about at the point where it is too freaking uncomfortable to use the hair-tie trick with my jeans. Some do still work, but I just am not super comfy in them, and these days- i’m all about the comfort. I normally do about 99% of my clothes shopping at Last Chance , but I have been having a really hard time finding maternity there lately. So when my girlfriend called me the other day and told me Old Navy was having a great sale on their already clearance items I figured it was worth a shot. Normally I am not a huge fan of Old Navy, but for maternity stuff- they have some great basics. 

Before I went I googled Old Navy coupons, and found that if you ‘like’ them on FB, you can print out a $10 off when you spend $50 coupon. You find it under the Reveal a Deal section. Technically you are not supposed to be able to use this coupon on sales items, BUT I found that if you ask nicely, they will at least try to see if the computer will accept it. In my case, it totally worked!

Heres my shopping trip breakdown:

As you can see, one of those items isn’t quite my size, but I couldn’t resist them! Ugh, I cannot wait to dress this little guy! 
The maternity jeans aren’t the normal dark wash that I love, but these babys are COMFY and only $11.27, so I scooped them right up. 

When I got home I was shocked to see that a lot of the items I got at the store were considerably cheaper than buying them online. This shirt online is $9.97, but I only paid $1.67 after discounts! I made sure to spend just over $50 in order to get the $10 off..and then realized I am terrible at math. While driving home I got to thinking that the price seemed a little steep, especially with the additional 30% off clearance, and my $10 off coupon. I checked the receipt and realized that she had charged me for a pair of leggings that I didn’t buy. They were super sweet about it when I called and said they would refund me right away for the leggings, which brought my grand total to : $33!! I got 8 items for $33!! Score!

I guess this shopping trip taught me to not exclude any store other than Last Chance for clothes. Well, at least for maternity clothes..i’ll still prob. stick to only LC for everything else:) What stores do y’all find great deals at?


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    When I visited New York, I loved Old NAvy…but I can’t believe the prices you paid. Wooooah!! Cheap as cheaps – and still gorgeous!!

    I’m just starting a 30 for 30: Maternity, where I have to choose 30 items and remix only those items for 30 days – cross your fingers for me – I’m nervous!!


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    Great scores at ON. I love to shop their clearance for wardrobe staples like t-shirts and tanks. I also love Ross for Less, Rugged Wearhouse, TJ Maxx, Target, and Marshall’s. I refuse to pay full-price for clothes and shoes when there are so many deals out there to be had.

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    My daughter-in-law took me to Kid to Kid (they are all over the valley) and they have lots of maternity clothes. They take most anything you bring in in shape, for either cash or store credit. I brought in some yard sale items (youth bed and toys) and then gave my daughter-in-law the credit for her to spend whenever. She’s expecting twins.

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    I actually love Old Navy (in general) and it has been the main place that I have gotten my maternity clothes. I am 37 weeks now ( 🙂 ) and ALL of the jeans I bought throughout my pregnancy have been from there. I also bought a few tank tops and long sleeve shirts from Target (Liz Lange Maternity) and have LOVED those a lot!! You are adorable and I’m glad you got such great deals!! (Oh…and the BEST maternity purchase that I have made is by far these maternity leggings from old navy – http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=58363&vid=1&pid=691581&scid=691581002 – I found mine in the store (on sale for $9.00), but since I bought them, I haven’t been able to find them in the store again. They do have them online currently (in black and charcoal). They are my FAVORITE things because they sit under my belly and don’t make me feel like a stuffed sausage!! lol)

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    When I was pregnant my best source for clothes once I got too big for my old clothes was Target’s clearance section. I also scooped up some comfy, plain pj bottoms to wear around the house that I still wear and I’ve lost all the baby weight and more. They were super stretchy!

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